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Thu 25 Aug 2022
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Leyla's Journal
For notes and suchlike.
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Fri 26 Aug 2022
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Leyla's Journal
Leyla Khan’s Journal
In the hospital (in Esztergom, less than an hour from Budapest ; some 40+ miles away), picked up by the side of a distant/remote road by the police. Bullet wound AKA: The Hiker. I have old hiking clothes - (was attacked by an animal before, now shot) & new hiking clothes.
A burner phone (code) : the name and address of the Gellert Hill Cave; a reasonably famous underground chapel in central Budapest.
Dad: British ; mom: Lebanese. Grew up in England, was an MI6 spy.
My mind was broken. I was forced to be someone’s horrible enforcer.
Who was my mysterious “abnormal” master these past few years?
The taste of blood?
I can read & understand Hungarian--really well (other languages?).
Dr. Vertag is taking care of me. I was treated for a bullet wound--Nurse Halmi.
Burner cell phone: 1 number incoming (the Church location in notes).
• John Sinclair - ex-SAS and former clandestine operative. He was (is?) your friend and your colleague working for whoever your former employer was. I have his address in Budapest.
• I hid a box in a farm--thermos w. liquid in it? (barcode  HUL--) Mr Hulier
A folder of papers--
The folder contains several passports, all in different names and for different nationalities and all with your picture. In addition, there's a photograph, yellowed with age and fragile to the touch. It appears to show an antique silver crucifix though warrants more careful examination (in better light) to make out the detail.
--several stacks of cash
The cash is in several different currencies, mostly Euros but you can make out some Hungarian Forint, US Dollars and Pound Sterling too. Must be several thousand all told.
• Sam Eczes, a crook and informant (friend)
Pauline Monks in the Hill - Mr. Hulier
Fleeing Jovitzo the one behind it all
Stokovitch (woman) took priest Loretti and she serves another master (Jovitzo's rival?)

LOST: gun

"Problem 1 - Beaten Up: INJURY - You don't know what happened to you, but it hurt"
"Problem 2 - Running on Empty - You don’t have any equipment or personal possessions. No gun, no money, no cards, no passport. While you have this Problem, you can’t make Preparedness or Shooting tests. Counter by finding a cache of equipment, a safehouse, or a friend who can shelter you until you restock.
"Problem 3 - Shaken: Your head feels shattered. You’re close to  breaking – you’ve a -1 penalty to Cool tests while you hold this card. Counter either by confiding in someone or finding some other way to take the edge off."
The Church - CLUE - Your phone has the address of a church in Budapest.
(Gellert Hill? said Nurse Halmi)
Memories of Sinclair - Discard this card for a Push or an extra die when facing off against John Sinclair
The Extraction Point - CLUE - What’s waiting for you at the airfield at Tököl? You’ve got to go there to find the answer.

You get an Edge - Lucky - Discard to get a free bonus die to one roll of your choice.

-1 days: admitted with a bullet wound
day 0: wake up in hospital (wiped mind)
Someone tried to kill me (beaten up), people I worked for/with
I escape towards Budapest (giant "bat" attack)

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Leyla Khan
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Tue 27 Sep 2022
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Leyla's Journal
Skills Used Post-Rest
Sense Trouble
Shoot, twice

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