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Thu 1 Sep 2022
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Here i’m listing any useful links for the game.

Setting and Game Links:
Torg Eternity Wiki - - Setting and Game information Wiki.
Torg Eternity Game Reference - - Torg Eternity Game rules, FAQ and more

Character Builder:
Torg Eternity Character Generator - - very useful overall.
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Thu 1 Sep 2022
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Destiny Cards
Card NameText
AdrenalineAdd +3 to your Dexterity, Strength, or related skill total. Adrenaline may be played after determining the success level of the test.
WillpowerAdd +3 to your Charisma, Mind, Spirit, or related skill total. Willpower may be played after determining the success level of the test.
AlertnessYou notice an otherwise unseen item, clue, or event. Alertness may be played out of your hand at the start of an ambush to prevent the heroes from being surprised.
MartyrPlay this card to achieve a significant goal. Your character perishes in the process. Alternatively, discard for a Possibility and draw a new card.
ActionAdd +3 to the total of your test. Action may be played after determining the success level of the test.
FlurryYour character gets an additional turn this round, after every hero has acted. A character may not benefit from more than one Flurry each round, either as a Destiny card or from the Conflict Line of the Drama Deck.
Master PlanPick up any Destiny card just played or discarded in exchange for this one. The recovered card may either replace Master Plan in your Action Pool or go straight into your hand. You may play the new card immediately.
InspirePlay to give all Storm Knights their choice of 1 Possibility, a draw from the Destiny Deck, or they can recover 3 Shock.
Seize InitiativePlay at the beginning of the round to keep the current Drama card for another round, or flip a new one after the card for this round is revealed.
HeroPlay this card as a Possibility. You may not spend more than one Hero card per test, but you may spend it in addition to regular Possibilities and a Drama Card.
Opponent FailsPlay after an opponent has successfully completed a test. The test fails. If this is a contest, reverse the results.
RallyAll players may discard as many cards as they wish from their hands or pool. Players may then immediately refill their hands.
Second ChanceImmediately reattempt any action. The new test takes the place of the failed one. This may be played after a Mishap, negating any effects before they occur.
ConnectionYour hero knows someone in the area who can lend aid.
IdeaGain a clue or insight indicating the next course of action your hero should take, or play to make the Approved Action of the Drama Deck “Any.”
AttunedPlay to draw a Cosm card.
GloryPlay after a die roll of 60+ to refill all the Ords in a zone with Possibility Energy. All player characters immediately receive one Possibility and draw a Destiny card. Hand size is increased by one until the end of the next act. Only one Glory card may be played per die roll.
Coup De GracePlay to add a bonus die to the damage of your successful attack. May be played after rolling other bonus dice (including other Coup De Grace cards) and seeing the results.
RomancePlay to encourage an amorous relationship between your character and a non-player character. Gain three Possibilities. You may spend Possibilities for this character. Alternatively, discard for a Possibility and draw a new card.
NemesisPlay to make a particular reality-rated character a personal enemy of your Storm Knight. You and the foe both gain 3 Possibilities. Alternatively, discard for a Possibility and draw a new card.
DramaPlay this card as a Possibility. You may not spend more than one Drama card per test, but you may spend it in addition to regular Possibilities and a Hero card
LeadershipPlay to place two cards into other characters’ card pools directly from your hand or pool. Immediately refill your hand.
SupporterPlay to add +3 to any other character’s total.
Second WindPlay to recover 5 Shock.
TransferPlay to give any number of your Possibilities to other Storm Knights.
Reality SurgeWhen played, the character’s axioms and World Laws are in effect for him as if he were in a Mixed Zone for the remainder of the scene. This only affects the character and any items he’s using.
MaelstromUntil the end of the Heroes’ next turn, no one may spend Possibilities or use abilities from Eternity Shards or Darkness Devices—including travel via dimthread.

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Thu 1 Sep 2022
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Cosm Cards
Core Earth
Spurred OnPlay when any hero is KO'ed or defeated. All other Storm Knights are Up on their next turn.
Keep FightingPlay when any character must test Defeat. She automatically receives an Outstanding result without a roll. She may say a few encouraging words before being KO'ed. All Storm Knights gain one Possibility from her heroic sentiment.
Rousing SpeechMake a short speech designed to inspire allies. If played during combat the speech is a simple action. The speaker and everyone who can hear her gains two Possibilities.
The Law of HopePlay at any time. Any Storm Knight who wishes may immediately refresh his Possibilities.
Welcome To Our World!Play on a reality-rated foe. The target must make an immediate Near Impossible (DN 20) reality roll or be disconnected.
Escalation!Play at any time during a battle. Enemy reinforcements arrive, including a reality-rated foe. All Storm Knights gain one to three Possibilities after the adversaries are dealt with, depending on the strength of the forces who appeared.
There's Always HopeAll tests related to a Dramatic Skill Resolution are Favored for the rest of the scene.
Seize The DayPlay when a new Drama card is revealed. Swap the Conflict lines for the Heroes and Villains (including Initiative).
Go For BrokeAll Storm Knights may ignore up to 4 points of penalties this round for any and all actions.
Lucky BreakPlay to negate all Wounds and Shock from a single attack.

Pan Pacifica
Vengeance Is MinePlay on a reality-rated foe. He may not Soak Wounds caused by your character for the next three rounds.
Blood BathA whirlwind of shots, blows, slashes or other attacks causes 2 Shock to every non reality-rated foe in a combat encounter.
OutbreakPlay at any time. A rampaging horde of infected appear and are headed your way. All Storm Knights gain one to three Possibilities after they deal with the creatures, depending on the size of the horde.
Fists of FuryFor the remainder of the scene, unarmed combat is a Favored skill for all player characters.
FeudSomeone is out to get your hero. A nondescript bystander might recognize him for some past misdeed or a vengeful foe might stalk him from the shadows. The foe might attempt an ambush, frame him for some crime or offense, or simply tarnish his reputation. Gain one to three Possibilities depending on the strength of the foe (GM's call).
Mutation!Play when encountering infected creatures, such as jiangshi. One of them mutates into a more powerful monster. All Storm Knights gain one Possibility.
Is That A Bite?Play when in a public place and not in combat. A Kanawa patrol arrives and attempts to take in anyone who is wounded, sick, or may have been exposed to infection. This applies to the heroes, allies, and random bystanders. All Storm Knights gain one Possibility.
You Don't Look So GoodPlay immediately when drawn. Your Storm Knight shows symptoms of possible infection. You do not roll again on 10s until the end of the act. If your hero perishes during this time he rises soon after as a jiangshi. Gain three Possibilities.
Sold Out!Play immediately when drawn. Your hero will be betrayed by a nonplayer character he considers an ally this adventure. Gain one to three Possibilities depending on the severity of the betrayal (GM's call). All other Storm Knights in the party gain one Possibility.
HardboiledPlay while taking a Recovery. Your Storm Knight stares at his foes, wipes the blood from his mouth, and signals that he's not done yet. All foes are Very Stymied.

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Thu 1 Sep 2022
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Delphi Survival Kit
This nylon pack includes gear needed for survival in the Living Land and other remote locations where the benefits of civilization are not close at hand. The pack is generally issued to Delphi Council agents active in the Living Land, although some resistance groups have acquired or created similar versions.

A pack contains the following items:
Living Land
  • Small gas stove
  • Sturdy compass
  • Adjustable flashlight
  • Small hand mirror
  • Individual collapsible tent
  • Insulated sleeping bag
  • 20 meters of nylon rope
  • One week’s worth of freeze-dried, vacuum-sealed ration packs
  • Canteen

Nile Empire
  • A small gas stove, with fuel.
  • A box of matches in a waterproof container.
  • A sturdy compass.
  • An adjustable flashlight.
  • A whistle.
  • A small hand mirror.
  • An individual collapsible tent.
  • An insulated sleeping bag.
  • One week’s worth of freeze-dried, vacuum-sealed ration packs.
  • A canteen.
  • 24 iodine water purification tablets.
  • A small first aid kit.
  • A collapsible shovel.

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Tue 6 Sep 2022
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