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Character Creation.

Posted by TorgFor group 0
GM, 13 posts
Sun 4 Sep 2022
at 20:03
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Character Creation

Creating a Storm Knight
  1. Pick your race.
  2. Pick your home cosm and note its axioms as your axioms.
  3. House Rule: Note your native language skill at +3 and pick another to have at +1; one must be English. (See Torg Eternity Languages for details.)
  4. Divide 40 points between your attributes, making sure they're all within legal limits for your race.
  5. Divide 16 points between your skill adds (see below), with none higher than +3. Give reality at least +1.
  6. Choose two Perks.
  7. Spend $1,000 on equipment.

Derived Values
Note that Perks or racial features may modify these.
  • Movement equals Dexterity. Triple it for Run speed.
  • Dodge is Dexterity plus dodge.
  • Melee Defense is Dexterity plus melee combat.
  • Unarmed Defense is Dexterity plus unarmed combat.
  • Toughness: Your base Toughness equals Strength. Add your best Armor value to get total Toughness.
  • Shock equals Spirit
  • Wounds equals 3.

You start each act with 3 Possibilities and 1 Cosm card. You start each scene with 4 Destiny cards.

After the initial creation, as you all have a bit of experience under your hats, go ahead and give yourselves 20XP for use to improve as you wish, but please list out how you're improving. :)
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GM, 16 posts
Tue 6 Sep 2022
at 16:13
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Character Creation

 Core Earth9Y23Y10Y23
 Living Land1N7N24Y6
 Nile Empire14Y20N18Y20

GM, 17 posts
Tue 6 Sep 2022
at 16:21
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Character Creation

General Skills
 SkillControlling AttributeUntrained
 Air VehiclesDexterityN
 Beast RidingDexterityY
 Energy WeaponsDexterityY
 Evidence AnalysisMindY
 Fire CombatDexterityY
 First AidMindY
 Heavy WeaponsDexterityY
 Land VehiclesDexterityY
 Melee WeaponsDexterityY
 Missile WeaponsDexterityY
 Profession (Specific)usally MindY/N
 Unarmed CombatDexterityY
 Water VehiclesDexterityY
Special Skills
 SkillControlling AttributeUntrained
For Miracles
For Psionics
For Spellcasting
For Runemakers
 Dwarven RunesMindN

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