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Character Sheets
Any questions for character creation can be asked in the OOC chat or PM.

Creating a Demon Hunter
I hope you found all of the lore information I made helpful, but even if it was too much do not worry for I am here to help guide you. Yes, me, your friendly GM Overlord. Here are my first few tips;
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    This world is of my own design, but elements of it are still based off of Earth. Many things in your everyday life probably exist here.
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    There are gods in this world, yes, but the last people to see them existed FOUR THOUSAND YEARS AGO. You have only grainy pictures taken from the first invention of the camera to confirm their identity and even then they look like normal mortals. So, no, you don't have to be religious just because the lore is there.
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    Keep in mind that you are in the future. Technology around you will advance to another level. Think about how a device around you works and how it could then work even better if you want to think of new gadgetry. And not even in the context of fighting, but something as simple as how can you make streaming music better? This helps to round out your character's existence in the world.
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    Purpose. Your character needs a reason to fight the demons. You have to be invited to fight them so think about a situation in which a scout for a mercenary organization might choose you. Keep in mind that you don't need to be a fighter or fighting. They want sorcerers with a drive to fight, with extra-ordinary skills, or they believe they can mold to fight. It could be as simple as you're a dishwasher and you caught every dish on one tray while catching something else with your foot. Or it could be as intense as you are an individual who lost their house to a demon attack and they found you angry against a backdrop of flames.
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    Demons exist in all shapes and sizes. Many things you are thinking of from traditional media I have also seen and include in this story. There are many things you may know that I don't. I keep the term broad for a reason because we are dealing with a spectrum of entities here. So don't feel like you need to put a specific face to your enemy here. Make your ultimate villain (if that's what your backstory calls for).
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    The real reason for the multiple races is to give you all the pieces you need to make your character. Feel free to mix and match racial features between races. My mother is black and my father is white, neither have red hair, but I do. Traits that exist in your bloodline can show up out of nowhere sometimes. So you can have an Aixue mother and Human father and Elven blood just comes up out of nowhere to give you elf ears. Though at that point just mix Elf and Aixue, but regardless you get it.
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    Keep in mind you almost have the power to lift a car. This story is from the perspective that you have already undergone training or received training from the guild that invited you. You're not a powerless exorcist. You're like your ideal Doom Guy. However, you're a noob Doom Guy. You've probably fought no more than two demons and were lucky to survive if you did.
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    Also, understand that you are special. There are not many sorcerers so just by being able to use magic people are caught in awe when they see you (or distaste depending on their life). However, magic grows with you so you may not have started as a strong magician and it is very possible you could have been bullied. The reverse is also true. You could have been strong and believed you were better than all those around you.
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    You may have guessed, but this isn't exactly a utopia. There are ruins of cities laying about where either the military or other demon hunters fight against the demons for control. Border cities, Rural areas, and heavy metropolitan cities are plagued with the demons. But, peace is not impossible. It is possible you have lived your life up to this point only hearing about the demon attacks.

With all of that in mind just make sure you're thinking about this for your demon hunter:

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Character Sheets
Character Skeleton
Power Level: 10    PP: 150

Real Name: [Your government name]
Identity: [If you create a backstory where you have an alternate identity]
Base of Operations: [Where do you stay?]
Affiliation: Lightning Flash Guild
Weight:  lbs.
Date of Birth: [Use normal months. I have a calendar, but no need to make it complicated]


Background and History: [How do you get recruited? Why do you want to kill demons?]


Appearance: [No real people please. Descriptions and art are okay for face claims.]

[This next section is for the game elements. If you have this saved in a google doc or some other medium you can instead put the image, link, etc. here in place of all these stats.]

Str  []
Dex  []
Con  []
Int  []
Wis  []
Cha  []

Tough +
Fort  +
Ref   +
Will  +




Designation of the Soul: [A single power that does not count toward your Power Points and the does not exceed 15 Power Points in value. It can not be an array. This power is supposed to represent the soul of your character, who they are innately, so think about it carefully. Make sure the spell has D.O.S. in front of it so I know it is the spell I don't count toward the PP value.]



Headquarters: Lightning Flash Guild


Combat: Attack +, Grapple +, Damage + (), Defense +, Knockback -, Initiative +

Abilities  + Skills  ( ranks) + Feats  + Powers  + Combat  + Saves  =  PP

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