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Introduction to Terrinoth (under construction)

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Sat 22 Oct 2022
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Introduction to Terrinoth (under construction)

Terrinoth is the fantasy setting produced by Fantasy Flight Games as a sourcebook for their Genesys RPG.  This notice is intended to bring players who are familiar with Genesys or any of the FFG Star Wars games up to speed on the history of the land of Terrinoth and some of the additional options that are available.

Many of the main fantasy archetypes and stereotypes are present in Terrinoth.  Magic is present as would normally be imagined, plus in songs and runes.  There are incredibly powerful runebound shards and unbound shards thrown into the mix.  Orcs are not necessarily bad and actually have their own civilization.

Brief History (see the Game Links for a full history)

The First created the Empyrean (a place of perfection, of light, air, life, dreams) the Ynferneal (a dismal place of darkness, death, pain, and hunger) and the Aenlong which would become the mortal realm.

The Elves were created and inhabited the Empyrean. The mother of the Elves and their queen eventually grew to desire more and convinced the Elven king to rebel against the First.  The elves traveled through the Gate of Years, thinking that they were marching towards The First, but ended up in the mortal realm.  The Elves split into 11 tribes, one of which eventually went bad and made treaty with the demons from the Ynferneal to attack the other elves.  They were eventually defeated.

Dwarves were created and learned rune magic from the dragons.  The dragons eventually turned and attacked the dwarves, driving them into caves for protection.

Human civilization grew up and recorded history began.

Llovar Lokander (later Uthuk Y'llan), a powerful human dreamwalker, encountered demons from the Ynferneal in the dream plane.  He took a other powerful warriors from his tribe into the dream world so that they could be changed and become more powerful and began conquering all the neighboring human tribes.

Llovar's brother fled what he rightly judged to be a growing evil in his brother and had a son, Timmorran who would become the most powerful wizard to live.

The First Darkness
In 478, Llovar and his forces began to conquer foreign lands with the alliance of some Orcs and Dragons.

Humans and elves opposed him. In 483 Timmorran began to lead them and was able to defeat the Orc chieftain.  The other orcs had no love for the Ynfearnal and left Llovar's cause.  At the Battle of the Locusts, Timmorran killed Llovar and ended the First Darkness.

The land was rebuilt and renamed Terrinoth, or "Land of Steel".

The Second Darkness
Timmorran had become ever increasingly obsessed in his ambition to preserve his power for future generations. His dream was to create a reservoir of magical power so potent that wizards who came after him would be able to use it to power countless spells. He designed a powerful artifact, a huge crystalline sphere of pure magic to be called the Orb of the Sky.

In 515, two years after the creation of the Orb, one Timmoran's generals, Waiqar Sumarion, betrayed Timmorran and attacked, seeking the Orb.  As Waiqar and his warriors neared Timmorran’s workshop, the wizard cast spells of unbinding and hurled the crystal sphere to the steel floor of the forge so powerfully that it shattered. Impossibly, these fragments (which would come to be called the Stars of Timmorran) escaped with one of Timmoran's students.

Waiqar and his bodyguard burst into the workshop, and was enraged to find that the Orb had been destroyed. Timmorran was exhausted from his efforts, and it was a simple matter for Waiqar to slay the defenseless wizard who was once his friend.

Waiqar grasped the one piece of the Orb he could find, lifting it from the dead hands of the great wizard. He vowed to hunt down the remaining fragments, to take no rest until he possessed every last piece of the Orb. He swore that anyone who sought to deny him so much as the tiniest sliver would face his murderous wrath.

Such was the dire weight of that oath, that through his vow, Waiqar summoned into being a great tempest and the lives of those who stood within sight of the place were snuffed out by the vow’s utterance. Yet the dead did not rest easy. Waiqar Sumarion, now Waiqar the Undying, left the Wizard’s Vale at the head of a fearful column of shambling corpses, the Deathborn Legion.

In 521, under assault from humans, elves, and dwarves, the Deathborn Legion were forced to retreat to the Cursed Barony over which the leaders of Terrinoth set a guard.

Time of the Elder Kings
In 941, a king was appointed and as a matter of policy, allowed more open access to the Stars of Timmoran.  The extravagant use of the Stars saw all manner of miracles performed, including many feats of engineering, medicine, landscaping, and even statecraft.

The Third Darkness
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Sun 23 Oct 2022
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Introduction to Terrinoth

I haven't seen anything regarding how days/months are calculated in Mennara, so I'm just going to make it up.

The elves originally divided the year into 11 months after the 11 tribes. That was changes significantly after the rebellion of Melcorne and the fall of the Daewyl elves to fit 10 months. These months didn't accurately account for the cycle of years and extra months had to be added from time to time.

Men were much more practical, dividing the year into 12 almost even months of 30 or 31 days. In towns and villages ever multiple of 10 was a 'weekend' (i.e. the 10th, 20th, and 30th). Months with 31 days observed the 31st day as a holiday.

The pattern of days per month was mostly regular: two months of 31 days followed by three of 30, except for the last two months.

31 31 30 30 30
31 31 30 30 30
31 30

Midsummer occured on the 30th day of the 3rd month.

The current year is 1847.
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Fri 28 Oct 2022
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Introduction to Terrinoth

Here is a list of the 12 Baronies that are currently in existence:

Trast, Otrin, Frest, Dhernas, Kell, Pelgate, Allerfeldt, Cailn, Telor, Carthridge, Rhynn, and Forthyn

Under the Game Links there is a link to a map of Terrinoth with the borders of the different baronies marked out.
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Mon 31 Oct 2022
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Introduction to Terrinoth

There are five skills that allow a character to cast magic spells. However, no skill is able to do cast every type of spell.  Below is the chart from page 115 in the Terrinoth sourcebook expanded with the spells given in the Expanded Players Guide:


!Utility took some time for me to track down.  It is in the Core Rulebook p. 214. It has no parallel in structured encounters.
^These three are added in the Expanded Players Guide. If you don’t have access let me know and I can summarize them.

*For PCs, Divine and Primal are restricted to Elves and maybe some other non-Humans if there is good reason.

Divine represents the Elves being able to access the spheres of light, air, life, and dreams.  Similar to how runebound shards allow the mage to cast any spell but color how it works, Elven divine magic needs to be colored that way also.

Primal represents the Wealdcallers and other elves who are able to communicate with trees, plants, etc.
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