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Dungeon Runner Weekly.

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Thu 17 Nov 2022
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Dungeon Runner Weekly

The most popular fanzine for Dungeon Running, Dungeon Runner Weekly (DRW), is regularly sold throughout the civilized (and even some of the uncivilized) lands. All MLR runs and the 'interesting' statistics of those runs are contained within its magically-glossy pages. DRW is typically the first to report on successes, failures, trades, and deaths within the Dungeon Running fandom.
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Fri 18 Nov 2022
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The Bulldozers: Castle Crushers (DRW Issue #101)

A new team debuted in the MLR recently: The Bulldozers. This newly promoted team is made of Blaze, a fire Genasi; Flint, a Beasthide Shifter; Katho, a Half-Orc; Monster Manuel, a Goliath; Stormborn, an Elf; and Victory, an Aasimar. Those who know their MLR history will note Stormborn is the only offspring from the legendary Oncoming Storm team that was wiped out three years ago. The Bulldozers took on Castle Crushers as their first dungeon; a favourite among fans.

The founder of Dungeon Running -- Vincent Mahon -- joined Panache Silverstone as commentator for this match.

Facing a fort of twenty Goblins from the Crooked Nose clan -- well-respected for their contributions to Dungeon construction -- The Bulldozers set to work! Victory took to the skies while dodging arrows along the way. Meanwhile, Monster Manuel and Flint set out up the center, Stormborn and Katho took the right, and Blaze went solo to the left.
Blaze took first blood with a javelin, but was promptly met with two foes on the left flank (which he would later skewer, but they still stopped him from advancing).
Stormborn dropped one Goblin with a firebolt, but it seems like the nerves got to him! Every spell after either missed or was too weak!
Katho did better; he killed one Goblin on the right flank before charging the fort itself, taking another life along the way.
Flint joined him after carving his way through the Goblins in the center, leaving Monster Manuel behind to duke it out with a pair of Goblins.
While Flint and Katho hurdled the gate -- killing Goblins left and right -- Victory flew over the palisades to seize the flag and the win for her team!

A pretty solid win for a new team! Only time will tell if these fresh-faced Runners have what it takes to keep it up!

Match Highlight: Flint and Katho jumping a ten foot tall gate! While Katho simply (if you can say that!) hurdled the gate to kill a Goblin guarding the flag, Flint ran along the palisade itself to attack the archers! Imagine the terror they felt, as they saw a rampaging Runner headed straight for them!

Stat Breakdown
RunnerHit Rate (%)Finishing BlowsSpells CastBuffs Cast
Monster Manuel28.6%200

Aggression Award (Most Hits): Flint
Sharpshooter Award (Highest Accuracy): Katho & Victory
Bloodthirsty Award (Most Kills): Flint
Spellslinger Award (Most Spells Cast): Stormborn & Victory
Team Player Award (Most Heals/Buffs): Victory
Best Tank Award (Most Damage Taken): Monster Manuel

Most Valuable Player Award: Flint
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Mon 5 Dec 2022
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The Bulldozers: Dohyo Duel (DRW Issue #102)

The Bulldozers have returned to the MLR! Victory the Aasimar has left the team and been replaced by another newcomer from the LLRL: Kahurangi the Rock Man. If you read/saw their last run, you know the Bulldozers show promise as a team. They took down Castle Crushers pretty well. With their adjusted line-up, the Bulldozers have now moved to take on Dohyo Duel!

As always, Panache Silverstone was on commentary. He was joined by former Runner: "The Tank" Terry Tate.

The Bulldozers were met on the dohyo by four Ogres armed with greatclubs. Sizing up their sizable opponents, the Bulldozers charged in!
Katho flanked around the outside of the battle, but was promptly ignored by the Ogres.
Flint, Blaze, and Stormborn set up to battle two Ogres in the center, with the fight winding up as a stalemate for the first portion of the battle.
Kahurangi used his magic to force one of the Ogres to the very edge of the dohyo, where Monster Manuel finished it off with a marvellous spinning kick! The victory didn't last long before another Ogre promptly came along to avenge its ally. Kahurangi sent that second Ogre off the edge while Katho struggled to overpower the giant.
Blaze and Flint managed to kill one of the Ogres in the center of the arena -- the final blow being scored by Stormborn's firebolt -- but the other Ogre returned the favor by sending Stormborn off in much the same was as Monster Manuel was.
Katho and Kahurangi finished off the battle with the former pushing the last Ogre to the edge before the latter sent it flying off with another burst of magic.

For their sophomore effort, the Bulldozers really didn't impress too much. Stormborn and Monster Manuel were both thrown off! Maybe it was just a bad night for those two, but the rest of the team picked up their slack pretty well!

Match Highlight: Kahurangi's Stone Fist spells. Really, the highlight could only be this! Kahurangi was forcing back Ogres left and right with his magic! It wasn't the flashiest performance, but flashy got Monster Manuel knocked off, so maybe that's for the best.

Stat Breakdown
RunnerHit Rate (%)Finishing BlowsSpells CastBuffs Cast
Monster Manuel100%100

Aggression Award (Most Hits): Blaze, Flint, & Kahurangi
Sharpshooter Award (Highest Accuracy): Blaze, Flint, Kahurangi, Monster Manuel, & Stormborn
Bloodthirsty Award (Most Kills): Kahurangi
Spellslinger Award (Most Spells Cast): Kahurangi
Team Player Award (Most Heals/Buffs): N/A
Best Tank Award (Most Damage Taken): Blaze

Most Valuable Player Award: Kahurangi
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Thu 23 Feb 2023
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The Bulldozers: Symbiosis (DRW Issue #103)

The Bulldozers returned to the MLR for their third appearance! Just like before, an original from the team, Flint, departed and was replaced by a fresh-face from the LLRL: Krik the Kenku. Their debut showed promise, but their sophomore effort was sloppy. How did The Bulldozer's fare in their third outing in Symbiosis?

Panache Silverstone was joined on commentary by the former vice assistant demon lord of hunger, The Maw.

The Bulldozers stepped out into a murky swamp of mosses, molds, and stagnant water. It wasn't long after that that they were met by a pair of Shambling Mounds and Will-O-Wisps!
Blaze increased his size as he did to great effect in Dohyo Duel, before facing off against the northern-most pair of a Shambling Mound and Will-O-Wisp with Monster Manuel and Katho.
Kahurangi, Stormborn, and Krik were left to fend off the southern monstrous duo; with no front-line support between the three of them!
A series of spells and attacks by the divided Bulldozers weren't enough to stop their foes from getting close. The Wisps healed some of the damage done to the Mounds with jolts of electricity, while the Mounds themselves attempted to eat Katho and Kahurangi whole!
In the northern half of the arena, Monster Manuel and Blaze duelled the Wisp (promptly killed by a brilliant series of kicks by Monster Manuel) and the Mound.
Katho struggled free of the Shambling Mound that had attempted to eat him, before heading to the southern half of the arena to try and protect the fallen Kahurangi.
Krik managed to distract the Shambling Mound long enough that Katho was able to dispatch the Wisp and get everyone away from the monstrosity.
With no foes nearby, the southern Mound united with its northern comrade to fight the tough pair of Blaze and Monster Manuel. Katho, Krik, Stormborn, and Kahurangi skirmished against the Mounds successfully, to help Blaze and Monster Manuel bring them down before they could do any more harm.

Splitting into two groups wasn't the best strategy; especially when one group had no one to stand up front! Kahurangi's injuries certainly could have been prevented, and the Rock Man would likely not be alive were it not for an injured Katho putting himself in harm's way. Once the two Shambling Mounds were centralized, it wasn't hard for the bulky Runners to keep them still while whittling them down. A good Run performance-wise, but still leaving something to be desired tactically.

Ever since his first appearance in the MLR, where he was named as the Sharpshooter of the match, Katho's accuracy has been on a downwards spiral. Between this Run, and the prior Run in Dohyo Duel, Katho hasn't broken a 50% accuracy rate once! The opposite it true of Monster Manuel. When MLR audiences were first introduced to the grappler, he missed more than two-thirds of all his attacks! Now look at his stats! Monster Manuel is certainly making drastic improvements to his performance.

Match Highlight: Krik dodging the Shambling Mound. We feel like this moment highlights the true spirit of Dungeon Running. Sure, it wasn't as flashy as Monster Manuel's wrestling or as damaging as Blaze's spear, but stats don't reflect selfless acts. If Krik hadn't kept the Shambling Mound -- a creature that could kill him with a single blow -- distracted, it would have ended Kahurangi's life for sure.

Stat Breakdown
RunnerHit Rate (%)Finishing BlowsSpells CastBuffs Cast
Monster Manuel84.6%300

Aggression Award (Most Hits): Monster Manuel
Sharpshooter Award (Highest Accuracy): Kahurangi
Bloodthirsty Award (Most Kills): Monster Manuel
Spellslinger Award (Most Spells Cast): Stormborn
Team Player Award (Most Heals/Buffs): Krik
Best Tank Award (Most Damage Taken): Katho

Most Valuable Player Award: Monster Manuel
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Wed 28 Jun 2023
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The Social Butterflies: Spy Vs Spy (DRW Issue #104)

After Victory's debut with The Bulldozers in their first run (see Dungeon Runners Weekly issue #101), the successful Aasimar splintered off to form her own team! Aside from Victory, The Social Butterflies also have Cloud the Tabaxi, Haran'Athamne the Wood Elf, Lysander the Elf, Sid the Dwarf, and Telthyn the Drow on their roster. For those ultra-fans of Dungeon Running who know every detail of the sport's early days, Telthyn is the daughter of Laele Wyndyl the Drow Priestess, who famously wiped out The Solstice Spinners single-handedly over thirty years ago! For their first run The Social Butterflies decided to take on Spy Vs Spy and try their hands at some investigative work!

For this run, Panache Silverstone was joined on commentary by former spy, Lady MacLeod.

The run started slow, as expected for a social run. While everyone split between the foyer and the main ballroom to mingle with guests, Sid discovered a secret passage in the hall between the two main rooms allowing easy access to the side halls and the rooms with the target chests. Cloud and Sid excused themselves from the mingling to investigate the rooms while Haran'Athamne stood guard at the door.
Cloud was able to discover that the rooms with the chests had markings on the ceilings while Victory and Telthyn learned that the enemy of The Social Butterflies was a gang of Bugbears with red fur on top of their heads and that the correct chest was on the left side of the symmetrical mansion.
Victory and Telthyn, however, drew too much attention with their questions and behavior, and were ambushed by three of their Bugbear foes at the same time that Haran'Athamne engaged one of the Bugbears in the hallway connecting the foyer to the ballroom. Cloud and Sid returned just in time for the rest of the Bugbears to join the fight.

The brawl was clumsy! Lysander and Telthyn were either having an off day or were anxious in their MLR debut, as they couldn't hit the broadside of a Terrasque!
Haran'Athamne, Cloud, and the more-experienced Victory were able to make up for it, but Haran'Athamne was temporarily bludgeoned unconscious for his efforts!
The fight finally came to a close with the last Bugbear fleeing to grab a chest and escape alone. Victory, Telthyn, and Haran'Athamne gave chase to their final foe while Cloud and Sid chatted up the crowd to try and determine which room held the correct chest; looking for any clues that would tell them which markings on the ceiling of a chest-room indicated it was the correct one.
Meanwhile, for some reason, Lysander picked a fight with one of the guests to the party! The guards were quick to attack the debuting Runner. Interestingly enough, they are single-handedly responsibly for Lysander withstanding more punishment than the rest of his team!
Cloud and Sid finally came to a decision on which chest had to be the correct one while Victory and Haran'Athamne finished off the final Bugbear. Telthyn returned to the foyer to help Lysander deal with his guard problem; ending the fight before the weakened Lysander could be taken down.

Cloud and Sid grabbed the correct chest while everyone else ended the scattered fighting, and The Social Butterflies left the mansion with their first victory! There were definite highs and lows for this fledgling team: Lysander and Telthyn left a lot to be desired in the accuracy department, for example. But Cloud and Haran'Athamne are stellar signees to the team. We can only hope The Social Butterflies keep their momentum going with future runs!

Match Highlight: Cloud's fleet feet. We were very tempted to give the highlight to Sid for his smooth talking that secured the much-needed information, but Cloud was able to be everywhere exactly when needed! Scouting out the rooms with Sid? Cloud did it. Helping Haran'Athamne and Victory with the first Bugbears? Cloud was there. He even got some of the needed answers with Sid and grabbed the correct chest!

Stat Breakdown
RunnerHit Rate (%)Finishing BlowsSpells CastBuffs Cast

Aggression Award (Most Hits): Haran'Athamne
Sharpshooter Award (Highest Accuracy): Cloud
Bloodthirsty Award (Most Kills): Cloud & Telthyn
Spellslinger Award (Most Spells Cast): Lysander
Team Player Award (Most Heals/Buffs): Lysander & Victory
Best Tank Award (Most Damage Taken): Lysander

Special Award: Best Detective (Most Successful Checks That Advanced The Goal): Cloud, Haran'Athamne, Lysander, & Sid
Most Valuable Player Award: Sid
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Mon 10 Jul 2023
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The Bulldozers: Sand Sled Sprint (DRW Issue #105)

A repeating team featured in the recent issues of Dungeon Runners Weekly has been The Bulldozers. They decided to take on Sand Sled Sprint for their fourth run, and our editor was in attendance from the VIP seats! With Krik leaving after their run in Symbiosis to form his own team, Fint rejoined the team to replace him. How did The Bulldozers fare in their fourth run? Read on to find out!

The founder of Dungeon Running -- Vincent Mahon -- joined Panache Silverstone as commentator for this match.

Sporting some fancy new goods from Armor 4 Less, The Bulldozers mounted their sled to face off against two sleds of 24 Gnolls in total! The numbers firmly against them, the sleds took off and the run got started!
Kahurangi's imp drove The Bulldozers sled forward while the Runners split up: Stormborn bombarded the third sled with a fireball before Flint jumped over to take them on alone.
Meanwhile, Kahurangi threw one Gnoll off the first sled while Katho jumped over there to fight alone.
Flint quickly found himself in danger all alone on the third sled, so Monster Manuel joined him while Stormborn assisted with powerful area-of-effect spells. It only took a few seconds for tides to turn and for the third sled to be mostly cleared.
Blaze held off the Gnolls that invaded their sled but was lacking in accuracy.
Kahurangi pulled back to get some distance between himself and the invading Gnolls, but was caught out when an unfortunately timed move from Katho left a clear path directly to the stone man. Two Gnolls pushed Kahurangi directly off the sled as Gnoll archers destroyed the spellcaster's imp!
Things quickly got worse from there.
Most of the remaining Gnolls abandoned their sleds to invade The Bulldozer's sled. A desperate Fireball from Stormborn, plus some accurate strikes from Blaze, were able to stabilize the situation, but not before a pair of Gnolls forced Stormborn off the edge!
Blaze and Flint were able to clean-up the few remaining Gnolls and bring an end to the Run, but it was another sloppy performance from The Bulldozer!

A win is always good, but two Runners getting KO'd is nothing to celebrate! On the positive side, Katho's accuracy has massively improved! His last two runs featured a less than 50% hit rate. This run? Flawless accuracy! I wish the same could be said for Kahurangi's survivability! The stone man was MVP of his first run, but has been knocked out in his last two! If this keeps up, his luck will eventually run out! Likewise, this is the second time Stormborn has been shoved off an edge! The Bulldozers have to keep their spellcasters protected (or Stormborn will have to focus more on himself than his team)!

Match Highlight: Stormborn's Fireballs. This run could have gone very different if Stormborn wasn't throwing a Fireball every few seconds! The massive damage done over an area helped keep Flint standing and Blaze from being completely surrounded. Fireball is often considered by audiences to be an overused spell, but you can't argue with its effectiveness!

Stat Breakdown
RunnerHit Rate (%)Finishing BlowsSpells CastBuffs Cast
Monster Manuel100%300

Aggression Award (Most Hits): Blaze & Flint
Sharpshooter Award (Highest Accuracy): Katho, Monster Manuel, and Stormborn
Bloodthirsty Award (Most Kills): Stormborn
Spellslinger Award (Most Spells Cast): Kahurangi & Stormborn
Team Player Award (Most Heals/Buffs): N/A
Best Tank Award (Most Damage Taken): Flint

Most Valuable Player Award: Stormborn
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Wed 18 Oct 2023
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The Randos: Rider's Ring (DRW Issue #106)

After Krik's debut with The Bulldozers in their run through Symbiosis (see Dungeon Runners Weekly issue #103), he left the group to form his own team with a fresh batch of Runners from the LLRL. Krik's new team -- The Randos -- consists of himself, Aneria and Leon the humans, Osvaldo the Goblin, Oswin the Fire Genasi, and Titanius the Warforged. In their debut run, The Randos decided to try their hands at Rider's Ring and the cavalry contained within!

As always, Panache Silverstone was on commentary. He was joined by former Runner: "The Tank" Terry Tate.

The newcomers took position in the ring -- mostly on the far side of the central pillar -- and prepared themselves. Leon notably cast Spike Growth near the entrance. They were soon met by their enemies: the Bloop Bloop Boyz! The crowd-favorite Bullywugs entered riding on giant newts, ready for a fight!
Leon started the fight by grabbing one of the Boyz with a whip made of stars and impaling him directly on his prepared spikes!
Krik assisted Leon by firing a hail of thorns directly into the riders heading their way.
Seeing that the Runners were split into two groups -- Leon and Krik on the right side and the rest of The Randos on the left -- the Boyz split-up to overrun their enemies.
Aneria, Titanius, Oswin, and Osvaldo held firm on their side and handled the Boyz heading their way without any casualties; only Titanius escaped suffering any real harm, though.
Leon and Krik, on the other hand, were nearly taken out when the Bullywugs overran their position! A perfect Thunderwave from Leon, though, changed the tide of battle!
The few newts that survived the initial fighting were quickly mopped up by The Randos!

After the commercial break, the second round started! Multiple Boyz positioned on top of the central pillar rained down spears on The Randos while others rode into battle on the backs of Greg and Lana! For Dungeon Running fans not in the know, Greg and Lana are a famous Centaur couple fresh from the set of Show Riding With The Stars!
As with all Celebrity Rounds, killing the celebrities is expressly forbidden!
An early miscommunication led to Aneria, Krik, and Leon all taking hits from the same Bullywug! That was followed by Greg seriously injuring Aneria and Lana knocking Krik unconscious! Things were starting to look grim for the newcomers to the MLR.
Aneria, Titanius, and Osvaldo were able to bring things back around by handling the Bullywugs riding the celebrity Centaurs, but another series of hits knocked Aneria out cold and nearly sent Leon to join her!
Osvaldo, Oswin, Krik, and Titanius were able to handle the remaining Bullywugs to bring an end to the fight, but not before Aneria (brought back by Osvaldo's magic) pummelled Greg nearly to death! The celebrity barely survived!

A win in their debut will certainly raise the profile of The Randos! They started to fall apart near the end of their Run -- with both Krik and Aneria going down more than once -- but managed to recover nicely to score the win. Notably, almost every single attack from the Runners landed! That level of accuracy is almost entirely unheard of from a newcomer team!

Match Highlight: Lana's revenge against Leon. After a bout of Tasha's Hideous Laughter temporarily disabled the celebrity, Leon made the mistake of snapping her back to her senses with the flat of his scimitar! Lana came back to the fight with a violent uppercut that nearly broke Leon's neck! As a reminder to all Dungeon Running fans: never anger a woman!

Stat Breakdown
RunnerHit Rate (%)Finishing BlowsSpells CastBuffs Cast

Aggression Award (Most Hits): Leon
Sharpshooter Award (Highest Accuracy): Osvaldo & Oswin
Bloodthirsty Award (Most Kills): Krik
Spellslinger Award (Most Spells Cast): Leon
Team Player Award (Most Heals/Buffs): Leon
Best Tank Award (Most Damage Taken): Aneria

Most Valuable Player Award: Leon
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Thu 11 Apr 2024
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Holy Techno: Dungeon Defense (DRW Issue #107)

A new team made their MLR debut recently: Holy Techno! Consisting of Auralia Briskspark the Gnome, Beast the Warforged, Ignis the Fire Genasi, Kige Thunderroar the Leonin, and Roomsnapper the Dragonborn; this team of fresh-faced Runners made their debut against a horde of would-be escapees in Dungeon Defense!

As always, Panache Silverstone was on commentary. He was joined by former spy, Lady MacLeod.

Holy Techno found their defense to be along paved streets lined with watchtowers, as sixty convicted felons attempted to rush past to their freedom. Holy Techno were provided with eight barrels of gunpowder and a ballista with eight explosive bolts to assist them in their defense. Kige set to work placing the barrels and breaking down the ladders to most of the towers, repurposing those ladders as barricades to block off access to the alleys running alongside the street. Ignis placed lit torches near all the gunpowder barrels for future use (which were never used, by the way) before casting Enlarge on Roomsnapper. Beast manned the ballista, Ignis and Kige set up on top of the tower nearest to the entrance, and Auralia took position near Roomsnapper in the middle of the street.

The horde of prisoners came quick, but a barrage of area-of-effect spells from Kige and Ignis cut down their numbers with ease. Roomsnapper's corrosive breath helped mop up resistance. The prisoners managed to blow a hole in the wall to one of the alleys for a second entrance, but more spells from Ignis plus a ballista bolt or two from Beast put an end to that. Auralia and Kige swept aside the survivors, but a lone prisoner managed to get past! Even Beast -- jumping off the tower to get closer -- couldn't get to the prisoner in time before he escaped.

With only one prisoner out of sixty escaping, Holy Techno were declared the winners in their debut Run! There was a little miscommunication between Roomsnapper and Auralia along the way -- hopefully something that will be ironed out before their sophomore attempt -- but that didn't effect the outcome too much. Thankfully this iteration of Dungeon Defense wasn't as bad as others! Long-time Dungeon Running fans will never forget the debut and destruction of The Acolytes Of Pain, when they were overrun and annihilated by Tuckerson's Kobold raiders!

Match Highlight: Forget that Ignis took down over 40% of Holy Techno's enemies himself. The true match highlight is a statistical anomaly! Beast received the award for 'Best Tank' (spoilers who haven't read ahead!). A Warforged winning that award isn't out of the ordinary, but what is was the method used! Beast took more harm when he jumped off the tower than Roomsnapper did when he was struck repeatedly by the enemies! It's not every day you are declared the Best Tank of the Run by hurting yourself!

Stat Breakdown
RunnerHit Rate (%)Finishing BlowsSpells CastBuffs Cast

Aggression Award (Most Hits): Ignis
Sharpshooter Award (Highest Accuracy): Ignis
Bloodthirsty Award (Most Kills): Ignis
Spellslinger Award (Most Spells Cast): Kige
Team Player Award (Most Heals/Buffs): Ignis & Roomsnapper
Best Tank Award (Most Damage Taken): Beast

Most Valuable Player Award: Ignis
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Mon 20 May 2024
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The Social Butterflies: Maze Madness (DRW Issue #108)

The Social Butterflies had a successful, if clumsy at times, debut in Spy Vs Spy (see Dungeon Runners Weekly issue #104), but opted for something a little different for their sophomore effort. In a recently completed Run, The Social Butterflies tried their hand in Maze Madness!

Panache Silverstone was joined on commentary by the former vice assistant demon lord of hunger, The Maw.

All Runs in Maze Madness seem to start the same: the Runners split themselves into groups and search the nearby areas as fast as they can for any exposed crystals. I don't know how effective that was for The Social Butterflies, though, as they ran past halls that had crystals three times!
The tag-team of Lysander and Sid faced off against a Slithering Tracker in the north of the maze, Haran'Athanme and Telthyn Wyndyl explored the south, while Cloud and Victory went solo and explored the areas in between the two teams.
While this arrangement did see success for Cloud and Victory -- the former finding and smashing a crystal after taking a hit from a Flitterstep Eidolon and the latter paralyzing a Wereboar -- the rest of the Runners didn't fare so well!
Haran'Athanme and Telthyn Wyndyl searched in vain. Sid worked with Victory to put down the first of their four enemies -- Eduardo the Derro -- but Cloud was seriously injured by the Flitterstep Eidolon and Lysander was outright killed by the Slithering Tracker! If that's not bad enough, the Eidolon then went out of its way to free the Wereboar from its paralysis!

With things not looking good for The Social Butterflies, the Runners had to improvise! Victory held her ground against the Flitterstep Eidolon and the Wereboar -- with Telthyn Wyndyl later providing assistance -- while Haran'Athanme sprinted around in search of crystals and Sid attempted to escape from the Slithering Tracker.
Haran's efforts were well rewarded, when he found and destroyed two crystal! Sid was no slouch, either, as he found a crystal then turned the tables on the Slithering Tracker and avenged Lysander's death!
A timely healing potion brought Cloud back into the fight and allowed the Runners to regroup and come to the rescue of Victory and Telthyn Wyndyl.
And just in time, too! Telthyn was at his limit! A great arrow from Sid ended the Flitterstep Eidolon, and the Wereboar went down soon after thanks to Cloud, Haran'Anthanme, and Victory!

If The Social Butterflies are your favorite team, this Run might just change your mind! The loss of Lysander and serious injuries to both Cloud and Telthyn Wyndyl were entirely avoidable had they simply found those crystals earlier! These newcomers to the League still show promise, but it might take some serious work to iron out all the kinks!

Match Highlight: There's no one else this can go to except for Victory! Standing tall against all comers and withstanding a brutal assault for the sake of her team? That's highlight material, right there!

Stat Breakdown
RunnerHit Rate (%)Finishing BlowsSpells CastBuffs Cast

Aggression Award (Most Hits): Telthyn
Sharpshooter Award (Highest Accuracy): Victory
Bloodthirsty Award (Most Kills): Sid
Spellslinger Award (Most Spells Cast): Victory
Team Player Award (Most Heals/Buffs): Victory
Best Tank Award (Most Damage Taken): Victory

Special Award: Crystal Smasher (Most Crystals Smashed): Haran'Athamne
Most Valuable Player Award: Victory
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