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The GM
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Fri 4 Nov 2022
at 07:57
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1: Don't be an ass. This really should go without saying, but I have played with some unique people on this site. Simply put; don't be rude. Also, if something offends you, politely message the person who did so. Don't cause a big stink in the OOC about it. If I feel something might need GM intervention, I will chime in. Just please don't make me do so...

2: If your character does not know something, you cannot act like they do. Meta-gaming breaks the immersion for many players. Planning your actions in an OOC thread is perfectly fine, but mentioning the maximum damage the enemy can do and planning around it, is not. If your character does not know something, and you want them to, make a roll as per House Rule #1.

3: Always speak in a color. It's pretty annoying to read your post, when there is no distinction between when your character is speaking and when they are not. Your dialogue should be in a color, but actions should not. If your character is thinking something, but not doing it, use italics. If you don't put your dialogue in a color, I will do so for you in pink.

4: Keep OOC to it's own thread. Don't ask someone in the middle of a fight with Orcs if they enjoy WH40K. If you need to ask a rules question, and want to do it in the IC thread, type it in orange. All rolls should also be in orange. If you don't put rolls and OOC text in orange, I will do so for you (but I will make a comment if you keep screwing it up).

5: I don't expect you to have flawless grammar and spelling, but please try. RPoL has a spell-checker built in, and it takes hardly any time. It just saves us all the annoyance of seeing 'comon words speld rong'.

6: Please don't make one-liner posts constantly. Conversely, don't type a novel for each post. Try to find a happy medium. The occasional one-liner or novel when it makes sense is fine. Just don't do it constantly.

7: If you're going to leave the game, please let me know. It's much more polite to me and the other players. Your group could wind up waiting for you otherwise. I'm not gonna be mad if you have to leave the game for personal reasons, or just simply don't have the time. Even if you don't like this game, hate my GMing style, and want to leave, please just let me know.

     7.1: Should you be unable to post for any foreseeable reason (with 'foreseeable' being the key-word), please post as such in the appropriate thread (Planned/Unplanned Absence Thread). You can also post a standard action there for your characters to take during your absence. If there is no standard action provided, your characters will not take part in any combat their group winds up in.

8: I hate putting my foot down, but the GM's word is law. If I have made a decision regarding the rules, then you may suggest changes or question it. However, it is not to be argued against. "So-and-so says this" is not a valid argument (unless it's Jeremy Crawford, then it's okay). This isn't to discourage discussion and debate about rules, of course.

9: You can have multiple characters. There is no limit. Go wild.

This thread will be bumped (and the change-log updated) should any of the rules change. If you have any questions about the rules above, feel free to message me and ask. I am more than happy to help.
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The GM
GM, 7 posts
Fri 4 Nov 2022
at 08:01
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House Rules

1: We are not using Initiative here. PCs will move before NPCs in all cases. The order actions are resolved in is the order of posting, unless you specify that you wish to hold your action. This is to attempt to speed combat up, as this will be a combat-heavy game.

    1.1: Even for non-combat scenarios, we will still be resolving actions in the order of posting. Movement will also have to be specified (at your normal speeds) for the sake of sanity once things hit the proverbial fan.

2: The HP you gain from leveling up is added to both your current HP and your max. Leveling up can only be done outside of combat.

3: If you are hidden during combat, and make an attack, Perception checks made to find you will have advantage. This applies for monsters, as well. Certain battlefields will not have any valid places to hide. At any time in combat, you may ask me how many valid hiding spots there are (that you can see).

4: If you wish to watch another group's run, feel free to ask. You will be given access to the thread on the understanding that you will not post there. If you wish to RP as an audience member for another group, let me know. We'll work out how that will go in private.

5: All rooms are 10' tall unless explicitly stated otherwise. When in doubt, asking for clarification is never a hassle.

6: Darts are considered to also have the 'Light' weapon trait.

7: The Cleave rule from the DMG is being used. Any excess damage will be passed on to other enemies (IE: Dealing 10 damage to an enemy with only 7 HP left means 3 damage will be passed on to an adjacent enemy). This only affects melee and ranged weapons. Spells are unaffected by this rule.

8: If you are going to use your Reaction for the round (or expect you might need to), please state so in advance. This helps cut down on retcons and any confusion that might occur as a result.
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The GM
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Fri 4 Nov 2022
at 08:02
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Rules Change Log

If something changes, you'll see exactly what here.

11/04/22: Game/Change Log created.
12/02/22: Added House Rule 1.1 about movement in non-combat scenarios.
04/18/24: Added House Rule 8, about declaring Reactions in advance where possible.
06/16/24: Added Bigby Presents: Glory of the Giants as an approved sourcebook.
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