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Welcome to Pokemon Quest! (Read First)
You've found our little game. Welcome, it's nice to see you. Feel free to have a look around. If there's anything you'd like to see just let us know.

What is Pokemon Quest?: Pokemon Quest is a Fate Accelerated RPG set the custom Pokemon Region of Osaku. Players take on the roles of Pokemon Pals, be they Trainers, Breeders, or Poke-Influencers; going on adventures all over the region.

Do I need to know/have experience with Fate Accelerated? Nope. None at all. I have years of experience running games in the Fate system and, quite literally, everyone I've run Fate for I've had to teach them the game. I am more than happy to teach you too.

What Pokemon are in the Game? Currently, for my sanity, there are only the first 250 Pokemon (Gen I: Red/Blue and Gen II: Gold/Silver) allowed. I know that this may mean not everyone can have their favorite pokemon right off the bat. And I'm sorry about that. But I'm just one person and there are SO MANY or them now... More will come in the future. I promise!

What game is the Osaku Region in? It's not official Pokemon game content. It is a fan-made region specifically for this game. As such it intends no challenge to any existing copy-write nor does it seek to make a profit of any kind of of any established intellectual property. I would REALLY like to not get sued.

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A Little About Me as a GM
Welcome one and all to the wonderful world of Pokemon! I thought I would take this opportunity to introduce myself and share a little bit about me, my love of Pokemon, and my style of Game Mastering.

A Little About Me...
I am an avid videogame and RPG nerd. I got started Role-Playing when I was in Highschool on a site very similar to this one and my love of all things Role-Play and storytelling has only grown in the interim years. My primary RPG system is Pathfinder 1e, my first exposure to D&D was 3.5 just before the release of 4th edition, and when Paizo touted Pathfinder as D&D 3.75 I was sold. I've run more games than I can count using the system, but a fair majority of them have been one-shots, introductions, and short-lived campaigns. I, like so many other DM's, still chases that besparkled rainbow unicorn that is the multi-year plotted campaign.

My History with Pokemon
For that we have to go all the way back to 1996 when 11-year old me was threatened with physical violence by my mother if I didn't stop bugging her about 'that stupid' game; Pokemon Blue Version (we both knew it was an empty threat so I continued on unabated until she relented). One of my friends had brought their copy of Red to our lunch table where we usually sat and played our Gameboys instead of eating. After literally 5 minutes of play I knew I had to have that game. And I became completely obsessed. I played for hours, order Pokedex books from the book fair, got up a 6am every morning to watch the anime, and even 100% completed my in-game Pokedex (with the Mew special event). Y'all, I even had the deluxe electronic Pokedex toy!

While I did fall out of touch before the release of Gen 3 (I was newly married with an infant on the way so I figure I deserve some slack) I did try to keep up with the series. I've picked up various games along the way including FireRed, X, Ultra Sun, and Violet with the release of the 9th Generation. I even went so far as to jailbreak my phone so that I could be one of the frst people in Canada to play Pokemon Go on it's release date in the US. To say I'm a big ol' Poke-fan is an under statement.

My History with Fate
Fate, specifically Core, is my secondary RPG system right behind Pathfinder 1e. It's a completely different beast and it took me months of reading over the book to get my crunch-obsessed, D&D conditioned brain to switch gears to a more narrative driven system. I've run a couple of mildly successful campaigns set in a homebrewed Urban Fantasy setting and this has taught me so much about the system. I look forward to seeing how I can bend it to my will to make the world of Pokemon come to life!

What my Players Should Expect
So, the first thing potential players need to know about me is that I am a fan of the PC's. I am rooting for your characters. I want them to succeed, to achieve their goals and dreams. However, I am also a story-teller and stories without conflict are boring. I'm on your side, but if it makes a better story, I will torture the shit out of your characters and I will not apologize for it. :D

The second thing you need to know about me is that I love worldbuilding! This is my game-within a game that I enjoy playing almost as much as I enjoy running sessions. The power to create behind the scenes and tell a story through the environment the players explore is one of my most cherished pastimes. Having said that, one of my favorite aspects of Fate is how open it is when it comes to Worldbuilding, Character building, and gameplay.

This is OUR game. This is OUR setting. And I love that about this system. While I've created the initial setting of the Game in the Osaku region, it's you the players that will help me flesh it out. This may seem a little weird if you haven't played Fate before, but if you want to have something or someone appear in the game, you and I will collaborate to make it a reality. Also, I will probably create stunts for your character, that you can choose to take or don't, that won't stop me. lol
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Mon 28 Nov 2022
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Pokemon Quest :: Campaign Info
Roylent Freed (3) -- Buddy: Totodile

Peter Joy (3) -- Buddy: TBD

Inoue (3) -- Buddy: Gastly
Aspects: 'Ghost Ace', 'Loves the Cold', 'Oracle', 'Shrine Maiden', 'Vessel of the Kami'

Kalina Clover (3) -- Buddy: Eevee

Jonathan Mangrove (3) -- Buddy: Abra

Richard Thompson (3) -- Buddy: Houndour

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Pokemon Quest :: Osaku Region - Faces
Notable Individuals in the Osaku Region
Professor Alfred Redwood -- 'Top Pokemon Researcher in the Osaku Region', 'Head of Environment Research at NPSA'
Without a doubt the most well-known Pokemon Professor of the region. Not only is Professor Redwood the man who gives out starters to new trainers, but he is also the lead researcher of environmental effects on Pokemon at the National Pokemon Space Agency.

Clarissa Freed -- 'Fire-Type Trainer'
Roylent's Rival and Older sister.

Akemi -- 'Psychic/Poison-Type Trainer', 'I will regain my Honor, Inoue'
Disgraced shrine maiden and Inoue's Rival.

Blaise Falkner -- 'Toxic Poke-fanboi'
Kalina Clover's Rival

Barry Pine -- 'Fighting-Type Trainer', 'Disgruntled Former Lab Assistant'
Jonathan Mangrove's Rival and former lab assistant

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Pokemon Quest :: Osaku Region - Places
Notable location in the Osaku Region