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The Fence (Item prices)

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The Fence (Item prices)

The Fence buys equipment at half the price they sell it.  The following are a list of goods they have for sale with a retiree of that level

Bludgeon 0 gp (d6 damage, blunt)
Dagger 4 gp (d4 damage, thrown)
Torch 1 gp (1 damage +1 fire damage, burns until descending/ascending a level.)
Ten foot pole 2 gp (+1 to avoid pits)

Level 1:
Food 20 gp (1 hp returned if eaten at a dead end or pool)
Sack 2 gp (container, carry infinite coin)

Level 3:
Molitov 20 gp (2d6 fire damage, self contained missile, can be used to prevent pursuit, replaces 'oil' in the rules)
Fishing Pole 10 gp
Bow* 50 gp (must have to use missiles)
Arrow* 1 gp (d6, missile used on attack)
Fire Beetle Gland, preserved 10 gp (used for light, doesn't go out)

Level 4:
Leather armor 6 gp (12 AC)
Rapier 60 gp(d8, uses dex for attack and damage)

Level 5:
Sword 16 gp (d8 damage)
Chain mail 80 gp (14 AC)
Shield 10 gp (+1 AC)

Level 6:
Plate Mail 400 gp (16 AC, can't run)
Two-Handed Sword* 200gp (d10 damage, only human fighter & paladin can use, can't use shield)
?Whip 32 gp (d3 damage, subdues animals & unintelligent monsters)

Level 7:
Blessed symbol 50 gp (High Wis can turn undead)
Healing potion 400 gp (heals d8 can be used any time, takes turn in combat)
Cleric Scrolls 300 gp each
     Scroll of sanctuary 300 gp (for combat whenever targeted, enemy must save or attack someone else)
     Scroll of healing (d8 hp healed)
     Scroll of command (1 humanoid of under level 6 defeated, over level 6 gets a save)
     Scroll of animate dead (animates a dead body in or after combat or at the graveyard making a henchman.  Level 1 monster with d4 hp, AC 10, To hit 0, can't be healed, will stay with PC when leaves dungeon.)
Van Helsing Kit 200 gp (Attack Vampires, Lycanthropes and Medusae at AC 10, kills if hits)

Level 8: 
300gp Wizard Scroll (sleep, charm, magic missile or haste)
Quickness Potion 200 gp (drink for 2x attacks every round until fight ends.)
Wand of Magic Missiles 1000 GP (d4+1 hits on 2-20, breaks on a 1)

Level 10:
+1 Leather Armor 2000 gp (AC 13)
Magic Bracers 3000 gp (AC 14)
+1 Shield 2000 gp (+2 AC)
+1 Chain Mail 3000 gp (AC 15)
+1 Plate Mail 4000 gp (AC 17)
+1 Dagger 1000 gp (d4+1, thrown)
+1 Mace 1500 gp (d6+1, blunt)
+1 Sword 2000 gp (d8+1)

Level 11:
+1 Fishing Pole 2000 gp
Gauntlets of Ogre Power 4000 gp (gives High Str)
Boots of Elvenkind 1000 gp (+1 stealth)
Ring of Invisibility 4000 GP (+2 stealth)
Ring of Protection 1500 GP (+1 AC)

Thrown weapons can use dex instead of strength to hit when thrown.  They must be retrieved to use again.

Missile weapons use dex instead of strength to hit, but missiles are used when they are fired.

Bludgeons are free - you can pick up a a stout piece of wood to use as a club, make a staff from a fallen branch, etc. as long as you aren't thrown in the dungeon without one.  As such they have no value.
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