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House Rules.

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House Rules

Use the Dungeon Robber Pdf rules with the following house rules:

The following are rules imported from the Flash game, new rules will have an asterisks *

High Con applies the +1 HP at level 0

Hit Point Recovery - Food can be used to heal 1hp each while resting at a dead end or pool.  One can also stay at your band's camp for 10gp per day and heal 1hp per day.  You do not heal automatically after fights.

Trap finding Traps are on a d6, 1-3 is affected, 4-6 avoids. *A bonus of +3 or more isn't automatic, 2 dice are rolled, the trap still affects them on snake eyes.  *Thieves and Dwarves discover traps on a 6 for their whole party allowing all to avoid (either die if bonus of +3+.)

D&D Classes Robber can not change classes, to play the listed D&D classes you must have unlocked a training through retirement, they start at 0 level.

* Human and demi-human (robber, thief, halfling, etc.) If given a 1/2 share of the treasure won on a delve into the dungeon since they joined will stay with your character and join you on on your next foray.  Henchmen have only High scores required by their class and d6 hp plus their level bonus hp.  If your character dies or retires with a henchmen they can become your next character, bumping their d6 hp to 6 and gaining a random High Score if they have only one, or one random and one picked if they have none. If they have enough treasure when leaving the dungeon they will spend it training and gain a level. They require 10 gp a day as well when you are resting in town and heal 1 hp each day, if their home stay is not paid for they will leave.

* Animal henchmen heal with food in the dungeon.  They stay with you when you leave the dungeon if you give them 1 food.  They require 1 food per day while staying at home or they will leave.  To get an animal henchman you must defeat them with a whip, successfully bribe them with food (1 chance only) or use the spell "Animal Friendship" on them. Animals are only things that wouldn't necessarily be attacked or run from on sight, and not too out of the ordinary in a town, and the giant versions of them, and things that people keep as pets that they can actually interact with, usually mammalian or reptilian. Giant Rats, Lizards, Giant Toads, Carnivorous Apes and Spiders are all the qualifying animals from Dungeon Robber.

(Humanoid Monster henchmen leave when the dungeon is left as in both the Flash and PDF)

*Training (Spending/Banking)
The PDF calls exchanging money for experience (XP) 'Spending' the flash game calls it 'Banking' AD&D calls it 'Training' costs (sort of, it's a lot more complicated.)  As 'Training' is more clear that the money is gone, so I'm calling it that.  One could call it sacrificing, tithing, carousing, research costs, or whatever.

Levels & Retirement
When you get to certain XP amount you gain the level listed on the chart.  You need to have a retired character at the specified level to unlock the class and equipment listed.  If you bring back a character from retirement and have no others at that level, the benefits are locked again

1,000xp/Level 1 Fagn.  Theives(3)  You can train and send Thieves into the dungeon. Buy food & sack
2,000xp/Level 2 Bootlegger.  Wizards(8)  Look for henchmen at the speakeasy.
3,000xp/Level 3 Fence.  Halflings*  Fence has gear: fishing pole¢, molitoves¢.
4,000xp/Level 4 Thug.  Fighters(6)  Train Fighters.  Fence has leather armor and rapiers
5,000xp/Level 5 Arms Dealer.  Dwarves*  Fence has chain mail, swords and shields.
10,000xp/Level 6 Friar. Clerics(7) Fence has plate mail & two-handed sword*
20,000xp/Level 7 Kringle¢.  Elves* Fence sells healing potions, symbol, cleric scrolls
30,000xp/Level 8 Druid¢  Druids* Fence sells wand of magic missiles, quickness potions and wizard scrolls. mystic hexagram.
40,000xp/Level 9 Bishop¢.  Paladins*¢ Coliseum.
50,000xp/Level 10 Grandfather.  Assassins*  Magic smithy
100,000xp/Level 11 Bard¢.  Bards¢* Treasury items

Any money and equipment you had when you retire goes to your next character or your warchest.

Thief Can use rapiers. Sneak attack using sneak bonus instead of +4 to hit.

Wizard Level 0 knows 1 random common spell* they can cast once per day: d4 1- sleep, 2- charm, 3- magic missile, 4- haste.  At first level they know all 4 common spells and can cast 2 spells. +1 spell per level they can cast.

* Halfling
Prerequisites:  Must have High Wis and Dex.
Proficiencies:  Any armor (prefer leather as otherwise can't sneak,) Dagger, Bow & Arrow (and any other thrown and missile)
Hit Points:  +1 per level
Missile Bonus:  +1 Attack Bonus per level with missiles and thrown.
Small:  +1 Sneak per level.  Halflings may sneak even during combat, if successful they may may not be targeted that round but may still attack.  If not attacking they may instead pass by and/or steal (leaving the party and henchmen if in a party).  They can't carry heavy objects.
Saving Throws:  They get +1 against magic. Any mind affecting spells (sleep/charm) only affect them on a failed save of 1.

* Dwarf
Prerequisites:  Must have High Str and Con.
Proficiencies:  Can use any armor, and any weapon except two-handed and bows. They may not ever use scrolls even if they gain high intelligence/wis.
Hit Points:  +2 per level.
Attack Bonus:  +1 per Level.
Dungeon engineer: +1 save vs traps. Treated as having high int for getting lost only.
Racial Enemies:  Goblins attack them on sight and vice versa.
Infravision:  Can see in the dark
Slow:  They run slowly from monsters, each turn monsters get an attack against them.
Greedy:  Dwarves can't bribe, nor seek henchmen besides animals as they couldn't bring themselves to give coin away.
Fuel the Fires: Molitovs (alcohol) may be used as food, healing 1 hp per bottle drank, they may be drunk during combat as a potion.

* Elf
Prerequisites:  Elves must have High Str High Int.
Experience:  Elves must have double the normal requirement of XP for each level as they learn both the ways of a wizard and of a fighter.
Spells:  Elves start knowing one wizard spell and get +1 spell slot per level. They can use both fighter and wizard items and scrolls.
Proficiencies:  All weapons and armor besides two-handed swords.  They may not cast spells from slots except in magic armor.
Hit Points:  +1 per even level, +2 per odd level.
Attack Bonus:  +1 Attack Bonus per level after 0.  +1 attack bonus with swords and bows.
Saving Throws:  Sleep and charm only affects them on a save of 1 or 2.
Racial Enemies:  Orcs attack them on sight and vice versa.
Infravision:  Can see in the dark

* Druid
Prerequisites:  High Wis and High Cha.
Proficiencies:  All weapons.  Leather Armor.
Hit Points: +1 per even level +2 per odd.
Attack Bonus: +1 per odd level.
Animal Form:  Can change into an animal of their level setting AC to 10 +level, +1 Attack bonus per level and do d6 damage.  This takes their action for a round if they do it in combat.  All carried items disappear until changed back.  They get no benefits from any items besides healing administered by others.  They can't cast spells in this form, but sill benefit from spells affecting them. They may carry a sack, money, gems and jewelry, but can't pick up other items while in this form.
Spells: 1 spell slot per level.  Choose at time of casting, all druid spells are known.

Druid spells:
Animal Friendship: Makes an animal a henchman if they have food to offer and have a free henchman slot.
Goodberry: Makes d6 goodberries. Each goodberry counts as 1 food, they disappear when leaving the dungeon.
Barkskin: Sets recipients AC to 16 if lower until leaving the dungeon.
Summon Insects: One target continually takes 1 point of damage each round while stung by a swarm of wasps. They are slowed unable to attack the round targeted and attack only every other round thereafter.  Any creature that would be unaffected by poison is immune such as undead and golems.

* Second Character, as long as one character is in a party, or you wish to start one to join a party.  If the rest of your party breaks up or dies or you want to leave it, choose one of your characters to be active, the other sits wherever they are (at the stairs from outside if they are starting to join a party) until one joins a party.  This will allow everyone to enjoy both solo and party aspects of the game if they want.

* No Split XP from monsters, everyone gets full xp value!  A party of 4 fight 4 level 1 monsters everyone gets 40 xp, instead of it being split to 10xp (what a single PC fighting a single level 1 monster gets.)  It's just a small bump, but it's encouragement.

* Combat is sticky.  If you enter a room with other players and monsters fighting you are in the fight.  You can still attempt to parley, bribe, sneak away, sneak and steal, or run away (becoming lost and possibly having some monsters pursue you) on your first round as you would normally.  Monsters fighting will treat you as part of the party and may randomly attack you even if you're hanging back.

Critical Hits *Only PCs can get critical hits on a natural 20, it does maximum damage for the weapon.

Caller Whoever posts first the players calls the party actions.  Exploration, wandering, which way to go (glint/no glint) stairs, attacking/sneak/parlay when encountering monsters.  It doesn't include attack rolls, it can, but I'll only do that for the party members if they pre-approve it. I will act off of the first post. If anyone later disagrees, if it's not too late or obviously exploitive ("Oh I didn't want to go toward the glint," after they were injured by a pit) I will retcon it.  I will assume any questions asked about what to do are the first option unless anyone posted something else to do before I got to the first post.  The party can always discuss SOP or how the want to handle it next time.  If discussions don't solve it, the disagreeing party members can always vote with their feet leaving the party.

Speakeasy Can hire level 0 robber henchmen for *500 gp.

¢ - note to self to change name or tentative.
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House Rules

I'm moving the notes on why I'm making changes, alternates, and not implemented ideas to the 2nd post and will have just the current house rules in the 1st post.

I want to get a bit more familiar with that to begin with before making too many changes and additions, but I do want to include most of the flash game changes which I think are good or more interesting.

     --- Current Rule Notes ---

Food - can be used to heal 1hp each while resting at a dead end or pool (per the flash game, price will be 20gp per ration at a market once there is one.) One can also stay at the inn for 10gp per day and heal 1hp per day.  (Per flash game again, OD&D is one per day 0 the first day, but doesn't specify inn stays, food doesn't heal, you can rest in a dungeon but there's monster encounter checks.)

     --- Rules under consideration ---

Your First Escape Your first character will be solo.  Upon your first escape that character becomes your Hood and establishes a Robber Band from which all subsequent characters come, no longer having to be thrown into the well.  You Band may store money and items to be used as you see fit in a warchest.  I'm on the fence on tossing this out or not.  I see benefits to both.  Not doing this matches the flash more closely.  On the other hand, I like the desperate first (or subsequent if failed) run as an escape attempt.

Chain mail +1 You may sneak while wearing chain mail +1, but get a -1 penalty to sneak. (Normal chainmail doesn't allow sneaking per the PDF)

High Cha & Henchmen By the PDF you can only pick up henchmen in the dungeon, I prefer that idea to the flash version's tavern.

Lighting - the game doesn't include anything about lighting.  I am using it, but I'm on the fence about it.  It does add a lot of tracking were I to add it back in (one of the big advantages to my mind.)  I'm currently using phosphorescent walls on level 1 only while the rest are dark.  Light sources come up often enough in the dungeon and I'm not currently have them expire but may add something with torches expiring, perhaps upon changing levels.  Fire beetle glands also expire in AD&D but I'd like them to be a bit better, perhaps they're good for an entire delve, expiring when you leave the dungeon.

Wizard Spells  Include higher level spells which require a certain level to cast?
     Sleep:  Defeats 4 levels of monsters total, weak level 1 monsters count as .5  So 8 weak monsters, 4 level 1 monsters, 2 level 2 monsters, or a level 3 or 4 monster.
     Shield: (new)  AC 14 base for the combat
     Invisibility: (new)  +2 to Sneak.  Ends when attacks.
     Web:  (new) All monsters must save or they are stuck until they do 6 hp to the web surrounding them.  This is an automatic hit. PCs may attack the web on each affected to free quicker and do damage. Giants and similar large strong creatures aren't affected, arachnids aren't affected.
Alternate Web:  sticks all enemies, can leave combat and room without running, but may not take treasure.

Cleric Spells  Include higher level spells which require a certain level to cast?
     Find Trap: (new)  A divination that warns of the next trap the party comes across, allowing them to avoid it.

Paladin As fighter plus the following: requires wisdom and charisma.
     Clerical abilities:  May use clerical scrolls and holy symbols
     Lay on Hands:  Heals up to 2hp per level, can use or as much or as little of the pool at a time.  Can be used in combat but uses their round.
     Warmount:  One time per level they may call a warmount which becomes an animal henchman, it has AC=10+lv, Attack=10+lv, damage d6, and HP= 1/2 the Paladin's at the time of calling.  Typically this is a horse, but dungeon delving Paladins may prefer an animal better suited to task that can climb ladders, such as a giant lizard, or even a dragon (lv 10+)
     Limited magic:  May carry only 5 magic items total, any excess must be donated to the church when leaving the dungeon (may not be put in warchest, may not forgo magic items to other party members.)
     Tithing: each level is 10% more experience (1100 for first) as the Paladin donates 10% of their money tot he church.

Critical Hits I don't care for 5e style critical hits, I've already removed them from monsters.  I'm thinking of replacing them and allowing them for both, or perhaps restricting them to only fighter.  The effects would be random and mostly not damage. Something like:

8 Head - +1 damage to hit.
7 Vitals - Stunned, for a round
6 Eye - Blinded for a round, can attempt sneak attack, sneak away from target.
5 Arm - Weakened, -1 damage next attack.
4 Foot/leg - Can't run this combat unless healed.
3 Chest - solid hit, reroll and take better damage.
2 Hand - Target drops held item(s) from one hand
1 Off balance - -1 to hit next attack.

     --- Other Notes ---

GM facing rules I won't be posting most GM facing house rules, the secret sauce if you will.  They're likely a mess of notes only I understand anyway, if not just in my head. I may PM links for some of my stuff upon request.

Discussion - You can discuss these or any other house rules or request new ones or removing them, or any other changes you'd like to see in the OOC thread or PMs.
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House Rules

GM Facing Rules (private, more notes that you don't need to know just to remind myself what I'm doing so I can find it all in one place.)
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