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, welcome to The Greatest Campaign on Oerth!

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Welcome to The Greatest Campaign on Oerth! Custom Rules(OOC)

Posted by Hand of DestinyFor group 0
Hand of Destiny
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Thu 5 Jan 2023
at 06:56
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Welcome to The Greatest Campaign on Oerth! - Custom Rules

Greetings and well met folks.

I will use this thread for official announcements about the game from rules to scenarios etc.  I hope you all enjoy your time here and I look forward to some good old fashioned AD&D role playing.

Custom Rules

Character Generation

4d6 discard the lowest for Ability Scores (keep rolling sets of 6 until you have 2 scores of 15 or better)

1st level Hit Points re-roll anything under half

No Psionics.

No Evil alignments.

I will not be using the Armor Class Adjustment table on page 38 of the PHB.

Limited Options from Unearthed Arcana

Weapon Specialization will become available during the game, players wanting to specialize should remember to keep proficiency slots available

Some new spells available on a case by case situation.

Cantrips are available.

Earning Experience Points

X Points are awarded individually for the following:

Monsters killed or wounded, awarded proportionately
Magic Items, awarded to the user
M-U spells
Cleric Spells
Thief/Monk Skills
Non-Weapon Proficiency success

I am not going to detail exactly how many X points are awarded for spells and skills as the amount will vary depending on the circumstances.

If monsters are neutralized by spells then the spell caster will be awarded the points e.g. there is no experience for a fighter killing a monster put to sleep or held etc

If fighters (or any other characters) deliberately allow neutralized monsters to recover so that they can then kill them for the experience, no X Points will be awarded as this is contrary to the spirit of the rule and the game.

I do not award X Points for treasure, the treasure is it's own reward.

Occasionally Bonus X Points may be awarded for achieving a specific objective which would be divided between the party members.

Bonus X Points may also be awarded to individuals for outstanding role playing.

To advance in levels you will still need to be able to pay for and attend training with an appropriate teacher/mentor.

 In order to try and keep the game flowing after combat sessions I am going to tweak the rules regarding characters having to spend a week resting if they have been knocked below 0 hit points but not being killed.

  While the playing group is still at low level (below 3rd) if a character is reduced to between 0 and -3 and is revived before going to -4 or worse, they will not have to spend a week recovering.

  Once characters reach 3rd level the usual rules will apply.
Hand of Destiny
GM, 15 posts
Thu 5 Jan 2023
at 16:41
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Welcome to The Greatest Campaign on Oerth! - Custom Rules

Dragon Magazine is not canon for this game.  If you stick to PHB and DMG you will mostly be OK.  As mentioned above, limited rules from Unearthed Arcana.  If you assume anything outside of PHB or DMG without consulting me first be prepared for disappointment.  There is only one rules lawyer that counts in this game and it is not any of the players.
Hand of Destiny
GM, 80 posts
Sun 15 Jan 2023
at 08:49
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Welcome to The Greatest Campaign on Oerth! - Custom Rules

Please note, this Campaign is set in the World of Greyhawk in the year 575CY.  This is prior to the Greyhawk Wars.  Much of the information online about Greyhawk is Post Greyhawk Wars and is therefore inaccurate with regard to this game.
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