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10:06, 24th May 2024 (GMT+0)

Character Generation (OOC)

Posted by Hand of DestinyFor group 0
Hand of Destiny
GM, 6 posts
Thu 5 Jan 2023
at 08:21
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Character Generation (OOC)

We will be using the races and classes from the Players Handbook.

The method for determining Ability Scores will be as follows:

Roll 4d6, discard the lowest die.
Roll 6 times.
If you do not have two scores of 15 or better, discard all die rolls and try again.
No secret rolls folks, everyone must be able to see the dice rolls.

All classes are available except for Assassin (No evil characters for this game)

When you have decided on race and class, mail me for your age die roll.

Obviously Race and Age mods take effect after you assign your ability rolls, just to make sure everyone gets best advantage from their age mods

Young Adult = -1 Wisdom & +1 Constitution

Mature = +1 Strength & +1 Wisdom

I don't think there is any chance of characters being in the older categories but the mods are cumulative so a mature character ends up with +1 STR, +1 CON and the WIS mods cancel each other out.

Don't forget to make a 1d100 roll for you Secondary Skill

Starting Money
Magic User2d4x10gp

Hit Points

When you get to the point of rolling for your Hit Points folks, re-roll anything below average/half.  This is only available at first level, I would hate to see anyone killed by a kobold!


Do not forget to write a background and broef description for your charcater.  N characters can have the area on the starting map as their place of origin, all characters are from lands far away.  You are not familiar with the local area, nor do you know any of the other PC's before the game begins or any local personalities.

Reference Material

AD&D Players Handbook

AD&D Dungeon Masters Guide

City of Greyhawk

Greyhawk Adventures

Unearthed Arcana

Character Sheets

A standard character sheet, customised to my games will be provided for all players.

I have experimented with other players character sheets but they tend to slow the game down when I need to go looking for data on a sheet I did not design so please do not change the format when you are editing or updating your sheets.
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Hand of Destiny
GM, 594 posts
Thu 25 Jan 2024
at 06:35
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The Anatomy of Character Sheets

When I get some extra time I will add some relevant details here about your character sheets.  I prefer that everyone use a standard sheet where possible so that if I need to update anything or if I am looking for something I will know exactly where it should be :)

Today's lesson is about your Finances table and I will go into more detail regarding Encumbrance in my next post for this thread.  You will all have a table like this one on your sheets...

Platinum Pieces--
Gold Piecesbelt pouch10
Electrum Pieces--
Silver Piecessaddle bags1000*
Copper Piecesback pack100
Copper Piecessaddle bags2000*
Total EncumbranceFinances110
Total EncumbranceWeapons & ArmourTBA
Total EncumbranceEquipmentTBA

  The "Stored/Carried" column is for the location of your coins, the "Amount" column is your total coins of that denomination.  In the example above 10 gold coins are in a belt pouch and 1000 silver coins are in saddle bags.  I have used an asterisk to indicate the silver coins are not part of this characters Encumbrance because they are carried by a horse.  I have added a second row to copper pieces to show what is carries and what is in the horses saddle bags.
  So this character has 110 Encumbrance in coins.  The Weapons and Armour and Equipment Encumbrance values would be added from the relevant tables which I will detail in my next post.
  Characters with large amounts of coins that create an Encumbrance issue could consider buying gems or jewelry or taking your share of treasure in gems or jewelry etc
Hand of Destiny
GM, 595 posts
Thu 25 Jan 2024
at 06:37
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Non-Weapon Proficiencies

Below are lists of all available Non-Weapon Proficiencies for those without all the manuals.

Character Non-Weapon Proficiency Slots
ClassInitial SlotsAdd per level
Paladin21per2 levels
Cleric31per4 levels
Druid31per5 levels
Fighter21per3 levels
Ranger21per3 levels
Magic-User32per6 levels
Illusionist32per6 levels
Thief31per4 levels
Monk11per2 levels

Wilderness Proficiencies
ProficiencySlots RequiredAppropriate AbilityModifier
Animal Handling1WIS+1
Animal Lore1INT0
Direction Sense1WIS-1
Plant Lore1INT0
Riding, airborne2WIS+2
Riding, land based1WIS-3
Rope Use1DEX0
Survival, Cold1N/AN/A
Survival, Desert2N/AN/A
Survival, Heat1N/AN/A
Weather Sense1WIS+1

Craftsman Proficiencies
ProficiencySlots RequiredAppropriate AbilityModifier
Animal Trainer1WIS0
Civil Engineer218*
Gem Cutter2DEX-2
Paper Maker118*
Silk Maker119*

Adventuring Proficiencies
ProficiencySlots RequiredAppropriate AbilityModifier
Animal Noise1WIS+1
Fungus Identification1INT+6
Slow Respiration1N/AN/A
Snare Building114*
Sound Analysis1WIS-1

Skills with an '*' in the third column are from Oriental Adventures
Hand of Destiny
GM, 596 posts
Thu 25 Jan 2024
at 06:38
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New Player Check List (OOC)

After sending your RTJ with a character name so your blank character sheet can be set up, players should read the following threads:

Player Expectations (OOC)
link to a message in this game

Character Generation (OOC)
link to a message in this game

Welcome to The Greatest Campaign on Oerth! - Custom Rules
link to a message in this game

All players should visit the Game Wiki and become familiar with the site, much campaign information will become available here.  To get you started you should definitely visit:

Character sheets will require a Description and a Background as well as the standard character sheet information.  The most common omissions are choosing a God and Birthplace, Non-Weapon Proficiencies and calculating Encumbrance.  Character sheets must be complete (So that you know where all the information is) before players can join the game.

None of the player characters can be from anywhere on the starting map as a place of origin, especially anywhere in the Gnarley Woods, Verbobonc or the Kron Hills.  All player characters are new to this part of the world.

Don't forget to add a line or two in your Background describing what brings your character to the town of Narwell?
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