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Posted by JohnBFor group 0
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Sat 15 Jul 2023
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If your verses refer to a specific place - post them here.
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Sat 15 Jul 2023
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The Bars of Tusk
by Wyn Roth

There is a young songstress called Gwen
Comes into the great Dragon’s Den
The soul queen of Tusk
She comes here to busk
And pick up a silver … or ten.

The Mithral Hotel is quite posh
Big rooms, and excellent nosh
The cellars, extensive
The prices, expensive
You’d better have plenty of Dosh!

Tansy’s is down by the port
Its clients, a much rougher sort
There’re fishers and sailors
Dockers and bailers
And ale that is drunk by the quart.

The Nectar serves teamsters and guards
And all of them terribly hard
If words are misspoken
The tables get broken
Like the glorious halls of Asgard.

There’s Corn bars all over the place
Emblazoned with Henry’s face
The Golden in Ivory
The Cob, is less savory
While the Small Corn's in Domos’ embrace.

The Stadium Bar is quite full,
The big game is always a pull.
It’s Kiera’s attraction,
And packed full of action,
And wine flows, by the jugful.

Out in the bastion at Shrike
There’s a tavern I think you will like
The Dragonet’s bar
Is known near and far
And more than makes up for the hike.

The Sylph has got a small bar
Though it really isn’t the star
The girls are all pretty
The boys, a bit gritty
And they are the big draw, by far.

The Pink Sting will sell you a tot
The bar staff are all really hot
With nothing to wear
Their bodies half bare
The service will cost you a lot.

Part of an entertainment session in The Dragon's Den, an inn in the city of Tusk. Each of the bars mentioned is owned by a character (mainly PCs) in the game
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