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Posted by JohnBFor group 0
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Sat 15 Jul 2023
at 18:31
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Some things don't fit in any other category - so this is the place for them.  They might be love songs, folk songs, amusing songs - the list is almost endless, and can add to any performance.
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Sat 22 Jul 2023
at 21:13
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A stream of consciousness
by Jem

Inside a rock, far out in space
The dark assassin hid her face
Deep in shadows, called us in
talk of hope, a live meeting
Her bullets ripped through flesh and bone
The first hot sign of changing tone
Then lasers, spells and bullets flew
Her arm shot off, her weapon too
She surrendered then, to no avail
Our trust in her, was much too frail
we sent her on to her last end
to us she was a deadly friend
But time has passed and questions rise
as we return to open skies
a construct framework still remains
bereft, bereft of thinking brains
not just that, completely bare
the hole is blown clear through to air
and empty head with missing eye
returning life, not worth a try
But does a soul now wend its way
To meet a maker, and hope to sway
That being’s judgement, from on high
Questions remain, where, how and why?

Note:  Jem is a spacefaring hippy/new age mystic and poet.  He almost killed by an android assassin, who was executed after being disarmed.  It was the first violent death of a sentient creature that he had seen first-hand and up-close.  Now he has to process that ....
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