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17:32, 18th July 2024 (GMT+0)

OOC: Discussions.

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Thu 6 Apr 2023
at 04:06
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OOC: Game Rules Discussions

I believe that constructive criticism and collaboration are extremely valuable to the creative process. Thus, I encourage PCs to debate not only any and all of the game rules we're using but also chime in with any ideas that could improve the game in any way. Please always remain civil and professional in your arguments and please always include some constructive suggestion(s) whenever you also voice a critique. This is the thread for those discussions.

Worlds Without Number
    WWN is the base ruleset used for this game. Download here: Worlds Without Number: Free Edition. I myself have access to only the free edition myself, so if you'd like to utilize any material from other sources you'll have to provide a copy of that info to me for approval.

    It's important to note that I'm utilizing several adjustments and additions to the standard WWN rules. The link for the comprehensive Google Doc is here: Ourea | Heroes of the Guild - Campaign Primer. You can add comments to that doc as well.

Old School Renaissance
    Much of the material from a wide variety of systems is compatible with the OSR mindset. I lean heavily on my familiarity with D&D (especially BECMI), though I borrow from just about anything that I see that I like. When crafting our game world, I encourage you to think outside of the WWN box for inspiration.

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Sat 15 Apr 2023
at 04:34
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OOC: Game Rules Discussions - Posting Rate

Posting Rate

I just realized that I never asked everyone what their preferred rate of posting is. Obviously, play by post is a generally slow process and we'd all like to be as efficient as possible moving the game along. But we'll likely have more success if we try to find a pace that works for a decent number of folks and set expectations from the outset.
  1. I'd like for each player to post in this thread with their Realistic Participation Rate - in terms of number of days between meaningful posting sessions.
This info is mostly for me as a DM since I do fully intend to be able to accommodate different groups at different paces. Of course, I definitely understand that I'll be unable to please everyone perfectly. Bonus is that I also imagine there are benefits to the information being public from the perspective of the players.
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Leyna Noc
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Sat 15 Apr 2023
at 04:52
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OOC: Game Rules Discussions

I can reliably post daily on weekdays. I prefer games that move along at a steady clip. Momentum is key.
Alonder Gimbel
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Sat 15 Apr 2023
at 04:58
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OOC: Game Rules Discussions

I would normally be able to post several times a day, so a daily-ish posting pace would be the best for me.
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Sat 15 Apr 2023
at 04:59
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OOC: Game Rules Discussions

I always state that my posting rate is every other day. A good chunk of the time I can post daily but I like the buffer when life gets hectic.
Valgard Bouldershoulder
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Tue 18 Apr 2023
at 03:47
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OOC: Game Rules Discussions

Hey, sorry I'm late to respond here. I can generally post daily during the week, but I prefer to say 3-4 times a week, just in case. And weekends I'm usually not posting at all.
Leyna Noc
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Mon 26 Jun 2023
at 03:17
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OOC: Game Rules Discussions

If anyone needs a reminder, the details about earning XP and how much it takes to level up are in the GM's primer. (The link under "Home-brew" in the first post of this thread.) Short answer is that we need 3,000 to reach level 2.
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