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RTJ: Code of Conduct & Character Creation.

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Thu 6 Apr 2023
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Please copy the following questions (feel free to utilize the 'quote' feature), answer them, and submit your work to the GM in a Request to Join. Short answers are sufficient.
    Code of Conduct:
  • Have you read, do you fully understand, and do you entirely agree to the Code of Conduct in this thread below?

    Gaming by Consent:
  • This game will likely be rated for all ages and thus will automatically ban adult content, violence toward children, and hate speech. Are there any specific topics (sensitive or otherwise) that you avoid?

    Player Age:
  • Approximately how old is the face behind the keyboard?

    Character Name:
  • What will your first character be called?

    Worlds Without Number Experience:
  • How long have you been playing with WWN rules?
  • How long have you been playing with Sandbox/Open-world/Westmarch styled games?

    RPG Experience:
  • How long have you been Role Playing?
  • Which are your favorite RPG systems/games?
  • What elements of Role Playing do you enjoy most (story, combat, grand strategy, dialogue, getting into character, puzzles, etc.)?
  • What elements of Role Playing do you not enjoy?

    RPoL Experience:
  • How familiar with RPoL are you?

  • Are you proficient with GoogleDocs/GoogleSheets?
  • Are you proficient with Discord?
  • Are you proficient with Foundry (virtual tabletop)?

    (Optional) More Favorites:
  • What are your favorite Board Games?
  • What are your favorite Video Games?
  • What are your favorite Books?
  • What are your favorite Movies or Shows?
  • Who is your favorite fictional character?

    (Optional) Writing Sample:
  • If you'd like to include a short in-character writing sample, it would reflect well upon you (unless it's rubbish).

    (Optional) Questions/Comments for Me:

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Thu 6 Apr 2023
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Code of Conduct

If you submit an RTJ, I'll assume that you're understanding of and agree with the following (pretty standard) Code of Conduct:

  1. Participation in this game is purely at my discretion. If for any reason I'm not liking having you around, I reserve the right to not have a reason before exiling you. Of course, I'm usually quite reasonable and will generally endeavor to work through things with you before such measures are required.

  2. You must endeavor to practice quality grammar and command of the English language.  Use the spell-check, get a proof-reader, just make sure things make sense. Typos are understandable, but confusion on a regular basis is difficult to work with.

  3. I expect regular, steady posts from all players at least once every 2-3 days. When in combat, please try to post even more frequently than that if possible. If the game is stagnating from lack of activity, that's a problem.

  4. I totally understand that real life comes first. If you anticipate being unavailable to post at that rate for any reason, you are expected to inform the GM as early as reasonably possible. I also understand that emergencies do happen and will endeavor to be flexible when they do.

  5. If you are having issues with the game, another player, myself, etc. please address them to me rather than withhold the issue or vent elsewhere in the game. I am quite reasonable and will most likely do everything I can to accommodate a mutually acceptable solution.

  6. Players should exhibit a willingness to try to role-play (RP). Not all of us are professional writers, but ideally we are players who can meaningfully engage with the characters and world around them, and who can connect to the realism and weight of the stories we’re creating.

  7. Players shall not engage in discriminatory or otherwise shitty behavior - including homophobic, racist, misogynist, transphobic, etc. Respect, trust, and openness are paramount.

  8. No knowledge of the system(s) is required, only a willingness to learn, invest, and collaborate.

  9. Direct Player vs. Player (PvP) action is allowed only if all parties involved agree to it. Of course, it is understood that a huge part of playing in a sandbox is that the actions of characters will change the world in some ways and thus indirectly affect other players.

  10. Since the PCs are driving the direction of the action, the players have to tell the GM where they plan on going. Given the nature of Play by Post, there should be ample time for this sort of preparation. But it's important to understand that intentions must be explicit since I'm not a mind-reader.

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Thu 6 Apr 2023
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Character Creation

RPoL Character Details
  1. RPOL Character Name
  2. RPOL Character Biography Lines
       For Biography Pt 1: List current AC and Hit Points (Ex: "AC: 16, HP: 8/11")
       For Biography Pt 2: List current conditions (Ex: "no conditions" or "Unconscious")
  3. RPOL Character Image
  4. RPOL Character Description
       Include at the least whatever is physically noticeable to others as well as what might be a first impression about their personality. You could also include any meta-data that you're comfortable sharing publicly (class, level, foci, reputation or what you're known for, etc.). Guild members are, after all, known to each other and the established heroes often become minor celebrities in Maret unless they choose to keep a low profile.
  5. RPOL Character Sheet

Step By Step
  1. Character Name
  2. Roll for Lucky Sign (1d22)
  3. Roll for Attributes:
       a. 3d6 seven times in order, then you may change to a score of 14.), OR
          Use an array (14,12,11,10,9,7 for the first 6 Attributes), then roll 3d6 for Luck.
  4. Pick a Background:
       a. Add free skill
       b. Choose Skills, OR
          Roll for Growth/Learning
  5. Pick a Class
       Record Class Abilities
  6. Roll for Hit Points
  7. Note your Attack Bonus (based on class chart)
  8. Pick Foci (note that non-humans are allowed)
  9. Pick 1 Skill to improve
  10. IF your character can use magic, choose a Tradition and Spells
  11. Roll for Interesting Things (1d6 and 1d20; from Shadow of the Demon Lord)
  12. Roll for Starting Silver (3d6x10) and make initial purchases, OR choose an equipment package.
  13. Calculate Encumbrance, Damage, AC, Saving Throws, etc.
       Saving Throws = 16 - [Hero’s Level] - [Relevant Ability Modifier]
  14. Define your character's Goal.

A Bit of Backstory
  1. What have they done prior to becoming a full-time hero? How does that relate with your chosen Background?
  2. Where did their backstory take place? And how did their story see them winding up in Gamma?
  3. Beyond lofty motivation-style goals, do they have any specific plans for what to do next?
  4. What is their relationship with the Heroes Guild?

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Fri 7 Apr 2023
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Blank Character Sheet

I'm on the fence about how to handle character sheets for this game. Below are my thoughts:
  1. Utilize RPOL's built-in character sheet option.
    PRO: It's right here on the site and likely familiar for players.
    CON: There's no pre-made text-based sheet for WWN that I can find. I'd likely have to create it myself which is effort.

  2. Utilize a shared GoogleSheet to store character sheets each on separate tabs.
    PRO: Would arguably look better than the text-only option RPOL offers.
    CON: There's no pre-made text-based sheet for WWN that I can find. I'd likely have to create it myself which is effort.
    CON: Players would have to leave the site to see it.
    NEU: All players could see all other players' sheets.

  3. Utilize some other pre-made, more graphically interesting character sheet somewhere - perhaps fillable .pdf's or a site similar to or Foundry VTT.
    PRO: Might look nicer.
    CON: I have no idea what options exist. Searching is effort. Perhaps something like the following:

Basic Information
Character Name____
Player Name____
Lucky Sign____Attribute Boosts____ 
XP Total____XP Next____
Renown Points____ Luck Points____ 

Strength____STR mod____ 
Dexterity____DEX mod____ 
Constitution____CON mod____ 
Intelligence____INT mod____ 
Wisdom____WIS mod____ 
Charisma____CHA mod____ 
Luck____LUC mod____ 

Skill Points____ 
____, ____

Saving Throws

Movement Speed____ 
Base Attack (BAB)____Melee Attack____Ranged Attack____
Armor Class (AC)____Shield Bonus____Unarmored AC____
Hit Points (HP)____HP Maximum____ 
System Strain (SS)____SS Maximum____ 

Weapon NameRangeAttackDamageShockTraits

Foci NameLevelEffect
Ability NameLevelEffect

Gold (GP)____Silver (SP)____Copper (CP)____ 
Readied Equipment
Item NameEnc.Traits / Notes
Stowed / Backpack Equipment
Item NameEnc.Traits / Notes
Other Owned / Stored Items
Item NameEnc.Traits / Notes

Magic Arts
Tradition____Effort Commit.____Effort Maximum____
Art NameSceneDayIndef.Effect

Magic Spells
Readied Maximum____Cast Today____Cast Max____
Spell NameReadiedEffects / Notes

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