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IC: Quest Board.

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IC: The Heroes Guild - Quest Board

The Quest Board at the Heroes Guild always has opportunities for members. Nonmembers that interfere with or compete with official Guild Quests risk reprisal. The board also lists Current Market Demands which anybody might fulfill, and these opportunities also change periodically.

Current Market Demands:

Cockatrice Claws
10 SP each
2 SP each
Sand from The Hungry Field
60 SP per barrel (3 Enc.)
Gertrude the Prize-winning Cow
60 SP (alive)

Available Quests:

Bats in the Belfry

Reward: 200 SP

Old Lady Sosnal is definitely not crazy. She swears there's something in her attic though neighbors have examined the place and found nothing. "The scratching sounds are too much to bear," says she, "I can't hear myself knit." She'll reward anyone that can finally return quiet to her domicile.

Contact: Crazy Old-Lady Sosnal

Heroes Assigned: 0

(In Progress) We Are Hirelings

Reward: 10 SP per day plus a 1/2 share of all loot (for each hireling)

An independent Hero and long-standing member of The Guild is looking to take on a handful of Guild novices to accompany him on an important quest. Opportunity to gain valuable experience from one of the best. Earn renown and possibly sponsorship with minimal risk of bodily injury.

Contact: Iceman

Heroes Assigned: Leyna Noc, Alonder Gimbel, Ralden, Rebecca Prowers, Urvan, Valgard Bouldershoulder

(URGENT) Apprehend the Fugitives of Hogback Hummock

Reward: 250 SP for all or [negotiable] per fugitive

A band of twelve criminals have escaped from captivity and must be re-captured alive to face justice. Leader goes by the name Wugs. Presumed to be unarmed, but possibly still dangerous. Last seen four hours ago along the south road, about 4 miles north of the river. Urgency is recommended as they escape further with every passing moment.

Contact: the bounty hunters Amis, Basil, and Cyr

Heroes Assigned: 0

(URGENT) Bitten in the Bog

Reward: Everything you find - including Burlek's valuable gold ring, but excluding Burlek's finger

"Go southeast from Gamma across the river to the place in the bog in the forest. Find the source of those freaky plant-folk and destroy it! And you better not forget to bring back my dern finger!"

Contact: The cartwright "Baron" Byron Burlek

Heroes Assigned: 0

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