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House Rules.

Posted by The StorytellerFor group 0
The Storyteller
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Harbinger of Doom
Wed 19 Apr 2023
at 10:19
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House Rules

15ft. cone area of effect
The below grids describe the area of effect for 15ft cones.

When aiming N/E/S/W they are simplified to 'T' shapes on 5ft. squares. (In difference to the DM's guide, the point of origin is assumed to be the middle of the side of the square in these cases.)

   X    X    X     XXX 
>>XXX    X    XXX<<   X  
   X   XXX   X      X  

When aiming diagonally 45degrees (NE/SE/SW/NW) the area of effect looks like a sort of fish as follows:

      \\         //      
  X    XX     XX    X  
 XX     X     X     XX 
//                     \\

The final group of cones aimed from the corner of the square at a lesser angle looks like a P shape as follows:

       \\       //       
 XX    X       X    XX 
 XX    XX     XX    XX 
 X     XX     XX     X 
 //                   \\ 

The Storyteller
GM, 3 posts
Harbinger of Doom
Wed 19 Apr 2023
at 10:19
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House Rules

Alternate Diagonals Rule
We are playing the alternate diagonals rule as described on page 252 of the DM's guide:
The Player's Handbook presents a simple method for counting movement and measuring range on a grid: count every square as 5 feet, even if you're moving diagonally. Though this is fast in play, it breaks the laws of geometry and is inaccurate over long distances. This optional rule provides more realism, but it requires more effort during combat.

When measuring range or moving diagonally on a grid, the first diagonal square counts as 5 feet, but the second diagonal square counts as 10 feet. This pattern of 5 feet and then 10 feet continues whenever you're coounting diagonally, even if you move horizontally or vertically between different bits of diagonal movement. For example, a character might move one square diagonally (5 feet), then three squares straight (15 feet), and then another square diagonally (10 feet) for a total movement of 30 feet.

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