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10:47, 24th May 2024 (GMT+0)

Game History.

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Cedric the Historian
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Sun 7 May 2023
at 21:43
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Game History

ooc: something I should have started with my other game and am now having to go back through and do, will update weekly

Sing, Muse, of the Thirsty Kraken, a rowdy tavern by the port of Ardentia, where sailors and adventurers gather to unwind and seek out adventure. Its walls are adorned with nautical treasures of ship's wheels, anchors, and maps of the sea, and the air is filled with smoke and the warmth of a great hearth. Here, hearty stews, fresh fish, and roasted meats are served, and ale and spirits flow generously. But be warned, for fights and brawls are not uncommon in this boisterous establishment.

As Cedric Hearthstone, a renowned historian, records all the happenings of this lively tavern, a band of adventurers enter, seeking refuge at a table by the edge of the room, watching their backs. Sir Luthien chooses a table that attracts nobody who might cause trouble, and Rowan sits beside Yngvar for protection from the rowdy sailors. Ponder looks on amused, while Akira orders a simple meal of rice, steamed vegetables, and grilled fish, with water to drink. Yngvar orders stew, cheese, bread, and ale for the table, and the group discusses their adventures while awaiting their food.

Yngvar proposes that they work together to find stolen property, but they soon learn that another group is also on the hunt, hired by Lord Vandergathen, and whoever finds it first shall claim the reward. As Lady Mirabelle and her band perform for the patrons, whispers of a mysterious sickness spread throughout the town, and rumors of a thief stealing valuable items abound.

The group contemplates forming teams to investigate both matters and perhaps establish an Adventurers Guild. Yngvar suggests Sir Luthien as the leader, but Rowan expresses her concern about earning money and finding magic. Ponder suggests they split up and pursue different methods to solve the problems. Luthien offers to investigate the sickness, and Amalfy observes the conversation, feeling ignored by the others.

As Lady Mirabelle and her band prepare to perform, Grimgar deals with a drunken patron, and Calgarvin offers his skills to find a non-magical solution to the sickness plaguing the city. Yngvar apologizes to Rowan for making her uncomfortable, and they all raise their cups in a toast to new friends and adventure. Ponder expresses his interest in finding the missing items, and Akira inquires about public baths. Meanwhile, another group of adventurers gathers, sizing up their competition for Lord Vandergathen's reward for the recovery of his stolen goods.
Cedric the Historian
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Tue 16 May 2023
at 14:03
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Game History

In the dimly lit tavern known as The Thirsty Kraken, a group of adventurers gathered to listen to the famed bard, Lady Mirabelle, and her band. The crowd was enchanted by their melodious tunes, as they sang of tales of heroes, villains, and mythical creatures. The patrons cheered and clapped at the end of each song, raising their mugs in salute to the performers.

Amidst the excitement, an elf named Vanomir entered the tavern, drawing curious, dismissive, and hostile glances from the other patrons. Akira, a young woman with an exotic appearance, approached Vanomir and invited him to join their group. Vanomir accepted the invitation, intrigued by the prospect of finding solutions to the city's troubles and earning coin in the process.

As Lady Mirabelle and her band bid the crowd farewell, the atmosphere shifted as a rougher crowd of seedy-looking patrons started to trickle into the tavern. Adriel, a man responsible for handling Lord Vandergathen's affairs, took the opportunity to address the remaining crowd. He announced that Lord Vandergathen was offering a generous reward for the recovery of stolen goods and called for brave adventurers to step forward.

Amalfy, Ponder, and Akira volunteered for the task, joining others who were interested in the opportunity. As the group gathered, Lady Mirabelle and her band expressed their gratitude to Akira for her kind words and generous gesture. The band then took their leave from the stage, making way for the adventurers to discuss the details of the quest.

Amidst the conversations and introductions, Luthien and Calgarvin approached Rytel, inquiring if the temples had sent him to investigate the sickness that had been rumored around town. The adventurers formed a diverse group, each bringing their own skills and motivations to the quest for recovering the stolen goods.

With the stage set and the group assembled, the adventurers prepared to embark on their mission, determined to face the challenges that lay ahead and claim the reward offered by Lord Vandergathen. Little did they know that their journey would take them on a path filled with danger, intrigue, and unexpected twists as they delved into the mysteries of the stolen items.
Cedric the Historian
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Fri 19 May 2023
at 19:55
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Game History

As a historian, I observe a gathering of adventurers at the Thirsty Kraken tavern. Two distinct groups have formed, each displaying different attitudes and personalities. The tension arises when a tall, intimidating figure from the second group confronts the first group, belittling their abilities and suggesting they are better suited for menial tasks rather than embarking on an adventure.

Amidst this confrontation, an individual named Akira steps forward from the first group. Despite appearing physically weaker than the tattooed man, Akira maintains a serene and confident demeanor. She acknowledges the skills of the second group but emphasizes the importance of recovering the stolen items and helping those who took them find enlightenment. Akira's response reflects her philosophical perspective and desire for a peaceful resolution.

Meanwhile, other individuals in the tavern, such as Rytel Phorza and Luthien, discuss the spreading sickness in the city and the need for assistance. They mention the limitations of magic and express their willingness to join forces in tackling the problem. Calgarvin, another observer, notices a potential ally in a newcomer who might possess healing skills.

As the interactions continue, some adventurers make lighthearted remarks and engage in banter, while others focus on the task at hand. Adriel, acting as an assistant or organizer, presents the quest to the gathered adventurers, detailing the stolen items and the reward offered by Lord Vandergathen. Akira promptly expresses her willingness to participate, showing her commitment to the cause.

In another corner of the tavern, a short cleric named Morbid Woundcleanser attracts the attention of a rough-looking man who attempts to mock her. However, Morbid's response surprises him, and he quickly backtracks, realizing the potential consequences of his words.

Among the various conversations and introductions, Griff stands out with his unconventional appearance and hints at a non-human nature. He engages in friendly interactions with Amalfy Scroggins and acknowledges the leadership role taken on by Akira.

As a historian, I find these interactions at the Thirsty Kraken tavern to be a fascinating glimpse into the diverse personalities, motivations, and dynamics of the adventurers, highlighting both their strengths and their capacity for cooperation.
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Cedric the Historian
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Fri 19 May 2023
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Game History

In the historian's perspective, the group of adventurers at The Thirsty Kraken tavern is divided into two factions: one investigating the stolen items and the other investigating the sickness. The group investigating the stolen items plans to meet back at the tavern in the morning and leave a note with the bartender for any potential helpers. The historian observes that the group discussing the sickness intends to head to the temple district to gather more information.

Griff, a young adventurer, engages in conversation with Amalfy and Ponder. Griff seeks to understand the city's underbelly and asks for guidance. Amalfy, who considers himself part of the underbelly, explains that the term is fitting, even if not strong enough to capture its true essence. Ponder suggests starting with local fences and shady merchants to locate the missing items quickly.

As the group walks toward Maggie's Inn for a night's rest, Griff raises suspicions about Adriel, the assistant of Lord Vandergathen. Griff questions whether Adriel's dismissal of their inquiry into the household staff's involvement in the theft indicates his own guilt or a desire to protect himself. Amalfy expresses skepticism about Adriel due to his highfalutin manner of speaking, perceiving it as compensation for other deficiencies.

Griff acknowledges their doubts about gaining access to the estate or the staff, making the task of tracking down the stolen goods more challenging. He seeks suggestions from Amalfy and Ponder on where to start, as he feels clueless.
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