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Multiclass: The RPG system!

"Wait, how are we going to do this-- we don't have a thief to check for traps/a healer/a tank to soak up damage/a mage!?!"

Your days of needing to have a specialist for everything are over with Multiclass: The RPG!

If your character TRIES to do it... maybe they will!

You have 4 stats, which are: FIGHTER, ROGUE, MAGE, and CLERIC. You start with scores of: 80, 65, 45, and 20. Distribute these 4 numbers as you will between the four stats.

Any time you try to do something-- ANYTHING that isn't easy! --roll 1d100, and hope that you don't roll higher than your stat score that best fits what kind of thing you're doing:

--FIGHTER: roll 1d100 with your FIGHTER stat any time you try to do anything involved with: punching, cutting/slicing, smashing, breaking, shooting, enduring, hunting, blocking, non-magical armor/shields/weapons, barbarian stuff, heraldry, dealing with fighters/military people/steeds, sailor/naval stuff (except piracy), feats of strength, wrestling, knocking people/monsters down, weaponless fighting, forging (non-magical stuff), non-stealthy swimming.

--ROGUE: roll 1d100 with your ROGUE stat any time you try to do anything involved with: unlocking, crime/criminal stuff, sneaking/stealthy stuff, finding/disarming/setting traps, assessing, money stuff, treasure stuff, hiding, dodging, finding secret stuff, hiding secret stuff, climbing, balancing, poisons/drugs, engineering, bard stuff, acting, performing, bluffing, dungeoneering, streetwise stuff, talking to criminal or lower-class people, scouting an area, guiding others through wilderness, dealing with non-magical machinery, piracy

--MAGE: roll 1d100 with your MAGE stat any time you try to do ANYTHING involved with: magic stuff, magic items, magical creatures, research, psionics, books, alchemy, history (except for military history, criminal history, and/nor religious history), talking to magical people or magical beings

--PRIEST: roll 1d100 with your PRIEST stat any time you try to do anything involved with: stuff involving divine/sacred stuff and evil/profane/undead stuff, nature stuff, druid stuff, healing/medical stuff, talking to church/clerical people or divine/nature beings/animals

NOTE: If something is just ridiculously hard, you should probably expect that there might be a penalty to the roll. If you say, for example, "I want to roll with my Rogue stat to run across the battlefield without getting hit by the 10 thousand goblin archers who'll be shooting at me the whole time," there should probably be a penalty of at least, oh, maybe +20 on that roll. (Maybe more. Or maybe less if you've got a shield that'll cover most of your body.) SO, because of this, it's possible to maybe roll higher than 100. You'll understand why I mention that in a second-- keep reading!


--Roll HIGHER than your number: you fail-- BUT you then RAISE your number on that stat by 5 (up to a stat maximum of 95, though), because you'll learn from the failure, and be more likely to succeed with that stat next time.

--Roll LOWER than your number: you succeed-- BUT you then LOWER your number on that stat by 5 because of HUBRIS. (You can't lower below 10, though.) Your success makes you just a little cocky, and you're a bit less likely to succeed next time.

--If you roll 6 to 15, it goes extra-well-- AND your stat goes up 10 points! (Until the next time it goes down again!)

--Roll 5 or less, and what you're doing goes extra well, AND your stat goes up 10 points (until the next time it goes down again!) AND IN FACT ALSO that thing you just did becomes a specialty of yours-- always subtract 5 from your roll from now on when you do that thing! (Roll 5 or lower again for the same thing, and yes, eventually this bonus can stack, up to a max of lowering your roll result by 15.)

--Roll EXACTLY 1, OR EXACTLY your stat, and it's the same as 5 or less, AND you get one LUCK point. Spend a LUCK point at any time to lower any roll you make by an extra 5 points (stacks), OR to lower another player's roll by 3 points.

--Roll 100 or higher: it's an EXTRA-big failure, AND your stat goes down 10 (until the next time it goes up, anyway)! When you roll a 100, you get attention... the BAD kind of attention.

----Rolling 100 or higher with a Fighter roll: enemies, or MORE enemies, show up and attack you immediately.

----Rolling 100 or higher with a Rogue roll: people/monsters representing law enforcement-- or criminals (or OTHER criminals, or MORE criminals)-- show up and try to arrest you/attack you/rob you!

----Rolling 100 or higher with a Mage roll: Something bad magical happens//a spell misfires badly//a magical monster/being attacks!

----Rolling 100 or higher with a Priest roll: You've annoyed a god and/or spirit! And they do something about the fact that you've annoyed them!

"But I'm already so used to STR/DEX/CON/INT/WIS/CHR!"

Okay, well, both STR and CON are almost always going to be FIGHTER stuff, and DEX is almost always going to be ROGUE stuff, so that's half of that more or less solved right there.

INT is usually going to be MAGE stuff (unless it's, say, remembering something about military history, or something else that has a greater overlap with another stat's domain).

WIS is usually going to be PRIEST stuff, although there are certainly going to be exceptions.

CHR is the most wide-ranging. Are you attempting to deal with people like a military officer, a streetwise sharpie, a person of learning, as someone with moral or divine authority, or what, exactly?

"I'm trying to sweet-talk the princess into telling me what she knows about the relationship between Duke Sternza and the cutting down of the trees in the forbidden forest."

"If anyone was going to do that, we'd pick a bard to try it. Roll with your Rogue stat this time."

"Examining an area" is a similar process. Are you studying the area to:
--figure out if there was a battle here, and if so who won, and which way they went? (Fighter)
--track a beast you're hunting, or a band of warriors? (Fighter)
--track an animal you're not hunting? (probably Priest, because nature)
--track the movements of an escaped criminal? (Rogue, because criminal stuff)
--track the movements of a magical creature? (Mage)

Whatever you're doing, figure out which class you're thinking/acting like in order to do it, and then roll with that stat.

That's it!
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Starting characters have 5 HP. Losing all HP, falling to 0, means they are incapacitated-- conscious or unconscious, they can no longer act in any way while at 0 HP. Further damage will likely kill them.

A good night's sleep will raise them by 1 HP again. Magic, miracles, or potions may restore health even faster.


PCs have a (collective) Money stat. It starts at 2. Buying small things doesn't lower it at all. For buying big things: throwing a huge party, buying a ship, buying four well-trained horses, buying a magic sword, buying a small castle, they roll 1d6.

If it comes up UNDER the Money Stat or EXACTLY the Money Stat: They buy what they want, no problem.

If it comes up OVER the Money Score: They buy it, but their Money Score goes down by 1 point.

If they get it up to 5, the GM should start throwing thieves and such at them. At 6, news of their incredible wealth has spread far and wide, and they'd better start giving to charity or something fast-- the god/goddess/demigod/demigoddess of thieves may step in...


In playtesting, it was noted that damage-dealing spells were in danger of being over-relied on. The following table was instituted to help deal with this. If casting a damage-dealing spell, the player rolls normally to cast it. If it is cast successfully, they then roll on this table:

--01-02. Spell works critically well, killing or knocking unconscious instantly

--03-14. Spell works extra-well, affecting a larger area in front of the caster

--15-44. Spell works twice as well on one normal-sized target (approx. 2 HP damage)

--45-89. Spell works normally on one normal-sized target (approx. 1 HP damage)

--90-100. Spell is underpowered and merely distracts target OR does 1 damage but you can't use it again for the rest of this particular combat (player's choice)
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