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Posted by HadesFor group 0
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Mon 15 May 2023
at 19:05
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This will be a gestalt game with the following rules!
You have 2 complete classes that level at the same time.

1. Gain a feat every level
2. Gain full HP of both classes to start 1 level.  Then half+1 or roll for the highest HP class.
3. Skill points of the highest skill class for all levels plus 1 lvl of other skill class.
4. Only 1 flaw for a feat to start.
5. 2 traits to start + 1 campaign trait
6. Roll 5d6 drop lowest 2 for stats.
7. Ever level up we will ensure the WBL is spot on.  I want a wish list of items on your sheets so I can pick from them.
8. We will be using background skills.
9. No Alignment restrictions for anything.
10. Backgrounds, I will need a backstory for sure.
11. What is your Reason to protest?
12. Races will be limited to the core races.
13. 1 side of your classes must have a spellcaster that gets 6th level spells or extracts/formulae.
14. OPEN Rules when I get feedback.
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Sat 20 May 2023
at 17:47
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Link for Roll20

Link to how to make tokens.  If you need to make a token for summon or anything else use this sight and then drop it in discord so I can bring it over to roll20.
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