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02:02, 16th June 2024 (GMT+0)

You were not cold, beneath the snow.

Posted by The Hanged ManFor group 0
The Hanged Man
GM, 1 post
Sat 15 Jul 2023
at 06:48
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[Character Creation]: You were not cold, beneath the snow.

You are dead.

The air is frozen. You are scattered bones, a corpse, a ghost. Men in brightly colored coats carefully uncover your remains, leaving numbers by each bone fragment, noting the condition of your mummified skin, dusting the urn filled with your ashes. They do not know that this was a battlefield where God slew God at the end of the Aeon.

You are dead, bu the world is new. Frozen, still, but trees stand proud in this field, well-watered by ancient blood. Man has survived, and now seeks the secrets of the Old World.

You are reborn.

Away from the world of men, you dream, and in dreaming wake. Your Realm, once dead, sparks with new life. The dead rise from their tombs; thet remember their master, even until the end of the age. Your Einherjar stand at the ready, those chosen warriors that fell with you on the day that ended the Gods. Your Realm will not fall easily to outsiders.

You are changed.

Once the Gods were mighty, all-conquering, holding the sky by genius alone. Then magic shucked her chains, and she flooded the world; the savages threw off their yoke, and the jungle reclaimed the fields; the rivers of the dead ran dry, and the hungry ghosts came howling out of the underworld.

Now the world is new again, and Annwn calls for new champions from the spirits of old to rise and rule.

Creating Your Archon

As an Archon, you rule a realm of the Otherworld, which some call Annwn, the true world that is hidden from men. Your name is formed by your gender (Prince, Princess, or Princet) and your Founts, the aspect of the natural world that you have supernatural power over by birthright. You may spontaneously use spells of your Fount at half-cost, and may peform rituals related to your Fount for free.

Available Founts: Sun, Sea, Mountain, Sky, Law, Liberty, Growth, Decay, The Dead, The Small, The Banished, The Dreamt, Learning, Fortune, Tales, and Ages.

For example, a female Archon that controlled the Fount of Law would be the Princess of Law. If through conquest they managed to acquire a Fount of Tales and connected the two with a leyline, they would become the Princess of Judgements.

Making Magic

Magic is untamed at the start of the game; there is no one in the world that knows anything about magic except for the Archons. You have access to magic through your Fount, but will need to create spells to channel that magic to do anything particularly useful. Once you have discovered a spell, it is added to your list of abilities. You may then teach your spells to others to curry favor, or to avoid being eaten.

Measuring Power

You have four major characteristics: Might, Skill, Will, and Charm. Might is your physical power and endurance, Skill is your finesse and agility, Will is your drive and insight, and Charm is your beauty and persuasiveness. Each characteristic begins at 0. You may distribute nine points between these four characteristics. 0 represents some level of disability; 1 represents standard mortal ability; 2 represents elite ability; 3 represent preternatural ability; and four represents supernatural ability. No ability may start above 4.

Building The Realm

The cosmos is two wheels, turning together about the hub that is World of Man. The Wheel of Sun and Moon is defined by quartered edges into the realms of the Four Lords - Summer, Winter, Autumn, and Spring. Each dominates the World of Man in turns, however Winter has grown ascendant. An ice age grips the World of Man.

The Second Wheel, the sixteen-spoked Wheel of Void and Star, slowly begins to move. Each of the sixteen spoke is a Fount, and like a tent-pole it forms the core of your own Realm.

Your Fey Realm begins as a large island within the Starry Void, surrounded by distant lights. The geography of your realm is entirely up to you. To populate your realm, you will need to trick, steal or persuade Men into the depths of your demesne. To grow your realm, you will need to expand your Court by making allies or bringing other supernatural forces under your leadership.

You may choose to submit yourself to one of the Four Lords, falling under their aegis. Your realm will become a Fief, populated by the Fair Folk of your Lord. This will bring you protection and resources, but also grant that Lord access to your Fount, tipping the balance of power between the Four Lords that in turn influence the World of Man.

You may choose to form alliances with other Archons, establishing a Ley Line between your Fount and theirs. A Realm Betwixt will be created, allowing travel between the two Realms. The peoples of both realms will gain access to both Founts, although they must still be taught Spells to make effective use of the newfound magic.
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The Hanged Man
GM, 2 posts
Sat 15 Jul 2023
at 23:24
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[Character Creation]: You were not cold, beneath the snow.

Character Sheet & RTJ (please note that your character does not begin with a personal name.)

Gender: Choose one - Prince, Princess or Princet. Gender relates to universal generative forces and has nothing to do with the physical sex of your character.

Fount: Choose one - Sun, Sea, Mountain, Sky, Law, Liberty, Growth, Decay, The Dead, The Small, The Banished, The Dreamt, Learning, Fortune, Tales, or Ages.

Realm: Describe the geography of your Realm. Note that the starting realm is roughly the size of Rhode Island, so it is not insignificant. Your realm can be as high or low fantasy as you like, have fun.

Grave Goods: Describe what your character was buried with.

Glamour: In your first post, you will initially be dead, then return to life. You may choose to be a corpse, skeleton, or spirit (depending on if your body was mummified, buried unpreserved, or cremated.) By the power of your Fount, you may take on a Glamour to look however you like. Describe how you look with and without your Glamour, as certain beings will see through your illusion, such as cats and murderers.

Distribute 9 points between the below:

Might: Power & Durability.
Skill: Flexibility & Control.
Will: Insight & Focus.
Charm: Beauty & Wit.

0 = a disability.
1 = normal ability.
2 = elite ability.
3 = preternatural ability.
4 = supernatural ability.

All begin at 0. No stat higher than 4. Stat are reported in "M# S# W# C#" format.

Derived base stats

Base Armor = (0.5(M+S). Half of incoming damage is applied to Armor before reducing Health. Armor regenerates slowly. Base armor is a multiplication factor that is applied to your Equipped armor value.
Base Speed = (0.5M+S). Speed determines the order in which actions are resolved.
Base Health = ((0.5(S+W)+M)). If Health is reduced to 0, you are unconscious and may be slain. Health regenerates quickly.
Base Influence = ((0.33(M+S+W)+C)). Influence determines what people initially think of you.
Base Path = (W+C). Path is spent to create new spells, magic items, creatures, and to manipulate you realm. Path regenerates slowly.
Base Song = (S+W+0.5C). Song is spent to cast spells. Song regenerates quickly.
Base Lore = (S+W+0.5C). Lore is used to asked questions of the Hanged Man in-character. Complex questions cost more Lore.
Base Strike = ((M+(O.5*S)) Strike is extra damage that specifically targets Armor. Once armor is depleted, it starts applying to Health at half efficacy.
Base Damage = M.  Damage depletes the Health of the attack target.
Base Glamour = C. Glamour is your ability to change your shape and appearance at will. A higher Glamour is more difficult to see through and can more dramatically alter your perceived form.

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The Hanged Man
GM, 16 posts
Thu 20 Jul 2023
at 11:02
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Non Player Character Statisics

M1 S1 W0 C0
Armor 1
Speed 1.5
Health 1.5
Influence = 0.5
Song = 1
Lore = 1
Base Strike = 1.5
Base Damage = 1 (+1, Axe)

M2 S1 W0 C0
Base Armor = x1.5 (3, Bronze Armor)
Base Speed = 2
Base Health = 2.5
Base Influence = 1
Base Song = 1
Base Strike = 2.5
Base Damage = 2 (+1, Bronze Sword)
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