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Threshold and Vicinity

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About Threshold
Threshold is a logging community of about 5000 ably ruled by Sherlane Halaran, baron and Patriarch of the Church.  The town is large for its population, filled with widely-spaced homes surrounded by vegetable gardens and livestock pens. The local points of interest include:

    Town Hall.  This is a very large building in the center of town, used for confiscated weapon storage, town meetings, public declarations, trials and  entertainments.

    Fogor Isle.  This island is the seamy side of town; it is not patrolled at  night.  On the north end of the island is the blackened ruin of the Old Mill, burned 11 years ago.  The ruin often becomes infested by giant insects and must be cleaned out periodically.

    Tarnkskeep.  Baron Halaran's castle is a small, sturdy fortress just  north of town.  It has a curtain wall, four towers and a large manor house.

    Dam and Weir.  The dam keeps large boats from traveling upriver.  The weir can be opened to allow lumber to be floated downstream.

    Logging Camp.  Most of the logs cut locally are floated downriver to Specularum where they are used for building, ship construction, and so on.

    Ruins.  North of Threshold, on the west shore of the lake, are the quiet ruins  of an ancient town where no one ventures.

Threshold is usually peaceful, and its citizens want to keep it that way!  Within town limits, no weapons other than daggers, swords, and staves may be carried.  Other weapons must be turned in and will be kept in the town hall, to be returned when the owner leaves.  Wearing armor, while not illegal, will result in repeated questioning of those not obviously arriving or leaving town.

No public casting of magic-user spells is allowed, and penalties for causing property damage or injury with magic are severe.  The laws are enforced by the town guard.  Most adventurers mind their manners while in town -- few places on this frontier can match the services provided by Threshold!

New arrivals are met by the town guard, who outline the local rules and  regulations, collect weapons, and issue receipts.  Threshold has many inns.  Rates vary, but private low-level adventurer lodgings average about 10 gp per week, including meals, while sleeping in the common room averages 1 sp per night.

Many individual merchants sell their wares in Threshold, and trade with Specularum is lively.  Items imported into Threshold cost about one-and-a-half to double the regular price, including metal armor and weapons, horses and other animals, oils, exotic cloths, glassware, metal goods, parchments and inks,
wines and ales.  Magics, rarely available, are sold by private individuals; there are no magic shops.  Merchants usually pay no more than half the value of an item brought in for sale by adventurers, if they are interested at all.  Ships other than rafts must be ordered in Specularum and brought upriver.

The standard fee for money-changing (including exchanging gems or jewelry for coins) is 10%.  Funds can be stored without charge if they are left at least one month, otherwise there is a 10% charge.  Borrowing more than the most trifling amount requires a person to put up collateral of at least double value until the loan is repaid.