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Tue 14 Mar 2006
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Game Ads
Are you in or running a game which needs more players?  Would you like to invite some of us over to join you?   Just post an invitation here.

And because some people are really dumb:  Please do not RTJ this game just so that you can place an ad in this thread.  It is for my own players to use only.

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Mon 22 May 2006
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Re: Game Ads

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Tue 13 Jun 2006
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Re: Game Ads

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Re: Game Ads

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Sun 17 Sep 2006
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Re: Game Ads

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Wed 31 Jan 2007
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Re: Game Ads

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Sat 24 Mar 2007
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Re: Game Ads

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Sat 26 May 2007
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Re: Game Ads

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Wed 11 Jul 2007
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Dungeons and... Die Hard?

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Thu 20 Sep 2007
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Re: Game Ads

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Re: Game Ads

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Mon 21 Apr 2008
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Re: Game Ads

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Wed 14 May 2008
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Re: Game Ads
Iíve started my own old school dungeon adventure game tonight. I am using the Labyrinth Lord system, a free, downloadable, retro-clone, of the old Basic D&D rules released under the OGL. It takes place in a crazy, dangerous, tongue in cheek, medieval fantasy, setting where many of the old school gaming tropes and system mechanics have been incorporated as an actual part of "reality."

link to "For Gods, Golds, and Glories! (LL)"

Information on requesting to join and downloading the rulebook can be found by clicking on the game info tab along the upper right menu bar of the game forum screen.  Itís my first game here at RPOL. Feel free to look around and tell me what you think of it even if you are not interested in playing.

Hope to see you there.

Now I gotta get up the courage to write the game ad over in wanted. *Sigh*

Newbie Nerves!

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Tue 20 May 2008
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Re: Game Ads

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Wed 3 Sep 2008
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Re: Game Ads

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Sun 8 Feb 2009
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Re: Game Ads

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Tue 21 Apr 2009
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Re: Game Ads

Thursday. April 30, 2026.

Word came down from Admin Central at 09:24, GMT, exactly.  Biotechnica bought the company out this morning.  They want everybody out by 16:00 today, so that their own people can take over the facility.  All contracts have been terminated, though wages will be paid for the remaining hours until 16:00, and repatriation clauses have been activated.

At least they're going to send everybody home, which is just as well - it's a long walk from L.E.O. for most people.

Some of the crew are still working, planning to keep going until the last minute, and do the best job they can.  Some sort of "pride in their work" thing.  Others are just kicking back, relaxing as best they can in their last few hours.  Another, smaller group are talking about sabotaging the place, and ripping off whatever they can carry away.

There is one small window in the habitation module, and currently it's giving a view of the North Pacific and the west coast of America.  It's night there, but the darkness is lit by flashes of lightning from a major storm system.


Tonight you have to go back down to Earth...

And it's raining.

The PA sysyem crackles to life, "Attention.  Attention.  The following people are to report to Admin Central immediately." followed by a brief list of names. Yours is among them...

Anybody up for some Cyberpunk-y goodness, using R Talsorian games Cyberpunk 2020?

The game will be set (mostly) in Night City, in 2026.  The characters were all, until very recently, employed in one capacity or another on an orbital construction project, expanding an R&D facility owned by the German corporation, Angewandte Forschung GmbH.

Now they're out of work again.  Earth awaits, but it seems that their employer wants to speak to them before they leave...

Things can only get better, right chombatta?

link to another game
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Thu 22 Apr 2010
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Re: Game Ads
Hi team one of my games has lost two players:

Kekenan: Wee Jas follower (yet again!)

Muriel: 1/2 elf Ranger/magic user

link to "Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil (DnD 3.5)"

Note that it is D&D 3.5.... Which I know eliminates a few potential players already...

The game has been sporadic over the last year, but I am begining to get onto a regular posting schedule again.

If you are still interested then RTJ reminding me which character you are here and we can take it from there.....

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Mon 16 Aug 2010
at 21:36

Cuz they say two thousand zero zero party over
Oops out of time
So tonight I'm gonna party like it's 1999
- Prince

New York, October 31st 1999.


But not just any old Halloween.  In popular imagination, at least, it's the last Halloween of the Millennium.

If the tabloids are to be believed, in just two months, all the lights will go out, every computer in the world will crash, civilisation will fall, dogs and cats will lay down together, there will be a great wailing and gnashing of teeth.

Some say the Antichrist is already here.  They point to various people - Saddam Hussein, Ozzy Osbourne, William Jefferson Clinton, Bill Gates... all popular candidates.

The world is going to end.

Of course, not everybody believes that.  There are people who know that exactly the same stuff went on at the end of the last Millennium.  They know because they lived through it, and the world is still here.  To the Kin of the Big Apple, this is just another year.

Or it was... but now some extraordinary events are about to shake that certitude.  Maybe the world is coming to an end.

NightLife - End of Days is a game of urban splatterpunk horror, using Stellar Games NightLife system.

The main rulebook and the following supplements will be used:
  • Magic
  • In The Musical Vein
  • America Afterdark
  • KinRise (parts only)

    Live Fast
Play a Vampyre

                Live Free
           Play a Werewolf

                             Live Forever
                           Play a Sorcerer

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Sat 3 Dec 2011
at 06:52
Hear ye, hear ye,

It's that time again ...

Looking for some new blood (bones, entrails, whatever takes your fancy, really) for my Otherworlds game - link to another game

Our prime directive is to use and abuse the old TSR classics.  Played strictly for laughs - forget serious and think 'Nodwick'.  The fun comes from character interaction, with some vague attention to whatever passes for a plot unfolding about you to provide you with some opportunity for bon mots, and to try out Fireball in a 10 x 10 room.  Who amongst us hasn't ...

PCs are playthings servants of the gods, often unwittingly so, transported to strange worlds where their services are most needed.  Almost anything goes - God-geas keeps good and evil PCs from killing each other with anything other than wickedly pointed verbal barbs.

D&D v3.5, 4th level (any flavour rules and I'm happy to bend 'em as necessary to fit character concepts).  Character creation rules in post on game board (just substitute references to 1st level for 4nd).  Oeridians rub shoulders with the sons of Toril and daughters of Krynn.  We've even got a war-forged in there.  If you have an old favourite character languishing somewhere or sadly deceased, please feel free to bring them back.  And if you feel like a change between modules, that's not a problem either.  More flexible than a Gelatinous Cube.

Game has been around forever and they'll have to kill me before it dies.

The current roster have just finished laying bare the Secrets of Bone Hill, and are about to embark on an old Dungeon module (I need to give 'em a level or two before they start in on the next big thing).

What else might you need to know ... I login about 2-3 times a week, and will update once a week (more often if everyone is ready).  The game mechanics all happen behind the scenes, though you're free to use the Die Roller to make your own rolls if you wish - just let me know in a private line that you've done it so I know to look.  And I occasionally get everyone to make their own Saves cos it's funnier that way.

If you're interested or want more info, just drop me a RTJ in the game.

Thank ye kindly, :>

Ildrulf Versalain
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Mon 4 Feb 2013
at 14:25
Re: Otherworlds

"Step right up!  Step right up!  Welcome to Hanilla's Astounding Travelling Show, the finest collection of peerless performers, breathtaking beasts, and just plain horrific freaks of nature this side of anywhere you ever heard of!"

"Witness inconceivable displays of agility and strength!  See magical wonders beyond compare!  Shudder in horror as you behold the hideous vision which is the three-headed lamb!"

Hanilla Grallisdotta used to be an adventurer, until she took an arrow in...

"Stop that nonsense, right this instant!"

Sorry Hanilla.

Ahem...  Hanilla Grallisdotta used to be an adventurer, until she realised one day that there were more efficient ways to use her time, and earn a little money.  So now she runs a carnival.

It consists of a small circus, a smaller menagerie of (mostly) harmless (though also often hideous) animals, and a number of sideshows, travelling  as a caravan of wagons and pack mules.

The people who travel with the carnival are mostly performers, plus a few labourers, and a handful of guards.  Between them they have an impressive array of combat capabilities and magic at their disposal, which earns them a degree of safety in places where the carnival's name is known.

It also earns them a certain amount of incidental work, helping people out as they travel in and around the Dragon Pass area of Glorantha's northern continent, Genertela.

This game is run using the HeroQuest - Roleplaying in Glorantha rules, published by Issaries Inc and Moon Design Publications.

Think "The A-Team" meets "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" meets "Robin Hood"...

And here's a link: link to another game