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Sun 27 Apr 2003
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General notes about this game
This game was created as an alternate medium for my IM game. Players who are having trouble coming up with big blocks of time to play over IM can come here to play instead.

I will consider new players but we're very, very picky. This is a character-driven game. As might be expected of an online game, it's not high speed action-adventure. It's not hack and slash. We enjoy detailed descriptions and well-developed characters. Character interaction is emphasized over plot. There is a plot ... it just moves along very slowly because we get engrossed in the conversations. ;) Generally speaking, we tend to play every minute of every day - even when we're trying not to.

If you like immersive roleplaying in the WoD, and you are a good writer (able to write in complete sentences with a minimum of spelling and grammar errors), and you have AIM or Yahoo or IRC, send me a message and we'll chat.

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Fri 12 Mar 2004
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Re: General notes about this game
Actually, this is not properly a game anymore. It's more of a hodge podge of random pickup-style roleplay, collections of writings and notes, and a 'home base' for me on rpol. Anyone who wants to talk to me for some reason may feel free to send a PM through the 'request access.'