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Nanowrimo 2006: dares
A list of potentially useable dares from the Novel Dares thread (will edit instead of add to this thread so it doesn't keep flipping on the light for people)

1. from kuroinami

Dare: Have an entire scene spent picking flowers.
Bonus Points: Picking flowers somehow is vital to the plot.
Double Bonus Points: If the MC uses them to defeat the bad guy.
Tripple Bonus Points: If the bad guy uses them to defeat the MC.
Quadruple Bonus Points: If everyone is screwed by said flowers.

2. from shadowlands

15 chickens appear somewhere in your novel.
+bonus points if these 15 chickens appear every chapter

3. from BirthdayPirate

Dare: Include a rabid sailor.
Bonus Points: Have him bite your protagonist.
Double Bonus Points: Have him bite everyone else.
Triple Bonus Points: Make the bites fatal.

4. from jamileigh17

Dare: Have a character who exists solely for the purpose of being killed.
Bonus points if they know this, and it's not a major plot point.
Double bonus if the character always wears a red shirt, and seems oblivious to this fact.

5. jp_in_pa

Have a character who carries a huge bag as a purse. For example, the Mary Poppins bag, the bag has EVERYTHING in it. However, everytime she tries to find her cell phone (even when it's ringing) she pulls everything out and still can't find it.

6. Iphigenia

* Ninja squirrels hijack one of your chapters. And then are never seen again.
* Somewhere in your novel, there are seven goats sitting on an island.
* Don't forget to bring your towel: Have one of your characters always carrying his towel. Whether this is important to the plot is up to you.

7. from Elrina

Have a character that is prone to accidentally setting random objects on fire (waste baskets, slippers, dish rags, etc.)

8. CopperStone

a different kind of cheese makes an appearance/mention in each chapter

9. Snowfie

A wizard's apprentice who turns themselves blue by accident the first time they cast a spell

10. angrysunbird

Have a character with an unhealthy obsession with otters.

11. Ravenwing

Write a scene entirely dedicated to the cooking of an egg.

12. jpac

Have a character who is constantly waking up, going to sleep, being knocked out, etc and doesn't know whether it's a dream or reality each time consciousness changes

13. Tenchi Kaze

Have a crucial plot point hinge on a character reading a haiku backwards.

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