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Sun 17 Feb 2019
at 19:55
Discord & RPOL Using RSS Feeds
Now, I've seen bots in Discord be able to utulize RSS feeds for websites, to notify you of new content, Could the same thing be used to integrate RPOL RSS feeds into a discord bot to have notifications sent to you, if you were part of a server with all the players for an RPOL game? And each post sends out a notification letting you know there is a new post on RPOL? I absolutely love RPOL, but being notified of a post without checking, could be a game changer. Not sure if this is possible, asking if anyone else has done this, I'm going to experiment and see.
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Mon 18 Feb 2019
at 04:43
Discord & RPOL Using RSS Feeds
If you need an automated check for new posts, bring up your Sticky List. Set it to auto-refresh at the interval you want, and set the audible alert. Then shrink it down (keep it open!) and ignore it. If you have any new posts when the time passes, it'll ping you.
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Mon 18 Feb 2019
at 05:27
Discord & RPOL Using RSS Feeds
If it helps, there's also email notifications for new posts on your sticky list ... to set that up, open up your User Preferences and click on the 'modify your email notification schedule' under Email Notifications at the bottom right of screen.  If you want them frequently, then set the drop down to 'Every 15 minutes'.