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Thu 14 Mar 2019
at 13:44
Die Roller Links and Oddball Game Systems
I'm currently running an Edge of the Empire game, the one that uses the dice with all the symbols that cancel each other out. The Die Roller handles this admirably (I should know, I helped troubleshoot it), but there's one area that doesn't work right.

When you select the game system, the Die Roller creates a "Dice Pool" field, where you have to enter how many dice and which kind you're rolling. A typical entry might read something like "1B 2A 1P 2S 2D 1C". It's important to put the spaces in it, the Die Roller's parser won't take an entry that's all strung together. And you can't just run a string of letters (for instance, "BAAPSSDDC") because it's looking for those numbers.

Now, this isn't normally a problem, until you try to create a link to the Die Roller in a post. The normal format for this would be something like this:

[dice=1d6 system=swee target=2 memo="Skill check" text="click here"]

The problem here is the 'target' field. It expects a single number -- in most game systems this would be something like a target number, or fumble range, or number of cards, or something like that. You can't put in anything with spaces, as the link sees spaces as separating fields. You can't put the dice formula in quotes because the 'target' field expects an integer.

I've found you can just enter the dice code without spaces (like "1B2A1P2S2D1C" without the quotes) and it'll fill in the Dice Pool space, but then whoever's using that link still has to go in and manually add spaces.

Is there a workaround? Or a way to re-code the Die Roller link to accept text in quotes?
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Thu 14 Mar 2019
at 14:42
Die Roller Links and Oddball Game Systems
A workaround would be to separate your dice with %20 (That's a space in url encoding)

[dice=1d6 system=swee target=1B%202A%201P%202S%202D%201C memo="Skill check" text="click here"]