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Mon 1 Apr 2019
at 17:40
RPoL color schemes broken?
Seems I can only select "white" and "Black" for my user preference for the look and style of display. The other styles and colors do not seem to engage and work? Is there a tech issue or is it just me?
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Mon 1 Apr 2019
at 17:44
RPoL color schemes broken?
It's the color schemes for April's fools. Tomorrow, it will return to what you selected.

If it bothers you too much, creating a custom theme will do the job.
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Mon 1 Apr 2019
at 17:44
RPoL color schemes broken?
It's neither - not an issue, and not just you.

It's the April Fools colour scheme.  Everything will be back to normal tomorrow.
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Mon 1 Apr 2019
at 18:45
RPoL color schemes broken?
That's weird, maybe because I reset my custom CSS like 8 years ago, I forced the default colors, through preferences/custom themes/<drop down choice>/grab them that I'm not having the problem...
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Tue 2 Apr 2019
at 07:35
RPoL color schemes broken?
In reply to steelsmiter (msg # 4):

Yesterday (April Fools' Day) I still saw my custom "rig for red" scheme that I set up ages ago (it throws minimal light to keep from waking my wife when I'm posting early in the AM...)

Yeah, this gag always gets someone this time of year.
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Tue 2 Apr 2019
at 07:41
RPoL color schemes broken?
I'm pretty sure it only uses the 'trick' color schemes if you're using one of the preset color options (I use light blue, it's the easiest for my eyes to read).  But if you build your own color scheme, that overrides the preset changes for the holidays.
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Tue 2 Apr 2019
at 08:22
RPoL color schemes broken?
 I have Green for mine?... so when the   surprise  screens  come up it   is  shocking Pastel.

 I sorta  like it?.. it shows  that the  site is  just a cold solid  bit of  plating..that there is  some 'life' behind it.