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Tue 21 Apr 2020
at 21:10
No Image portraits
It seems that the images portraits for all the games I run are not showing.
They were last time I checked but now they are not.
Is there anyway to get this issue resolved?
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 Geek dad
Sat 2 May 2020
at 06:14
No Image portraits
In reply to Chartauk (msg # 1):

It is 05-02-20 and I'm experiencing this as well.
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Sat 2 May 2020
at 07:55
No Image portraits
The portraits are not hosted on RPoL.  Sometimes it happens that the connection between a portrait server and your computer will be interrupted, somewhere in the chain of links.

Unfortunately this is not something that we can fix, all you can do is wait for the the connection to be repaired.  If it persists for a few days, it could be that your computer has cached the broken portraits, so you will need to force a refresh of a page with broken images to see if that restores them.