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Thu 25 Jun 2020
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Easy Tables documentation
On the help page under RuBB Code, there is a tables section that documents how to make tables using the html tags table, th, tr, td.  I knew that we also had Easy tables, using OR bars, and I even knew that you could add an exclamation point to make a cell have a darker background, but they aren't mentioned in the help, at least that I saw.

It wasn't until recently, when I was looking at the character sheets in the forum "Heaven - Gaming Resources" that I realized that there are a LOT more options for the easy tables, including row and column spans, right float, etc.  I'd love to see a complete list of the options available.  Is there one?

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Thu 25 Jun 2020
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Easy Tables documentation
This thread has everything you need:  link to a message in this forum

If for some reason my response is modded (probably for "posting link to another 'game'"), the thread title is "Easy Tables and Grids Tutorial (Peer Review Requested)" on page two of this forum.

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