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Thu 30 Jul 2020
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languages in-game
In a game I'm playing there's characters speaking in a language my character doesn't understand, and so I see gobbledygook. I see that when I post a reply I can only reply as the languages my character can speak. Makes sense.

My question is : As I also run a game here, how do I set up these settings for the characters in my game, as I think this is an awesome feature ???

Thanks for any help provided.
Jon Canuck
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Thu 30 Jul 2020
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languages in-game
Help > Forums > RUBB Code > Private Lines to Groups

RPoL faqs (rubbcode)
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Thu 30 Jul 2020
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languages in-game
In the GM menu in your game click "Edit Private Groups."
In the top section, add the private groups using the language name, e.g. "Orcish"
In the bottom section, click for each character who can speak that language.

Now, when adding a post, GM and players alike will see in the "Insert a Private Line:" drop down, three new sections
 * Private to group ...
 * The Language group ...

with each of the private groups of which they are members.

GM's will also see
 * Secret to group ...

Just like private and secret messages to individuals, the Private to Group will show it as private.  The Secret to group looks to the reader like it is regular text, but only some people see it.  (The GM sees it in a different color.)  The Language group has the behavior you're looking for.

The feature is even cooler than you think!  First, it has the awesome "Preview As" feature so, as a GM, you can see the post shown the way one of your players will see it.  (Click Preview/Delay Post.)  Second, the language obscuring is clever enough to leave normal any names.  Imagine you could overhear someone talking in a language you don't know, but then they say your name or the name of someone you know -- you're still going to catch that bit.  This is reproduced here.

Edit:  Now I know why I didn't see this info when following Jon Canuck's link.  I'm on the responsive site, and the help for the responsive site does not include it.

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