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19:53, 27th February 2024 (GMT+0)

Quirk (bug?) on the wiki Versions page.

Posted by Zag24
supporter, 767 posts
Thu 16 Mar 2023
at 21:18
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Quirk (bug?) on the wiki Versions page

I don't know how much the wiki code is just taken from elsewhere, though it does use the same rich text editor so I assume jase has at least tweaked it.

The quirk is that the dates in the Version screen for a page are in the single worst format I can imagine:  YYYY/DD/MM

Really?  No one in the world uses that format, and it makes no sense.  Americans will fight with Europeans whether DD/MM/YYYY or MM/DD/YYYY is better, so it's a smart move to change to a year-first approach, with the idea that you go from most to least significant.  But don't then put the days before the month.

2023/11/01 11:59:17, xxx - edited - Current.
2022/17/12 01:55:05, xxx - edited.
2022/16/12 16:44:05, xxx - edited.
2022/16/12 16:28:42, xxx - edited.

I assume that there is just a setting somewhere for the format to use in this screen, and someone simply mis-typed it.
moderator, 977 posts
Whatever it is,
I'm against it
Fri 17 Mar 2023
at 04:18
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Quirk (bug?) on the wiki Versions page

Yeah, definitely one for jase.  Another option is that it's baked into the wikia format.

Though I googled out of interest and it seems Kazahkistan is one of the few (? only ?) places that uses the format:
member, 32 posts
Suffering for her art
Sat 18 Mar 2023
at 00:25
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Quirk (bug?) on the wiki Versions page

In reply to Zag24 (msg # 1):

Best not antagonise our Kazakh contingent then...

Could we aborb the extra character and use 'MMM' for months?
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