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23:45, 12th July 2024 (GMT+0)

Quoting text -> thread access error.

Posted by CaptainHellrazor
member, 391 posts
Mon 26 Feb 2024
at 17:57
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Bug Reports?

Since transitioning over to this new UI I have notice a couple of things that did not happen under the old old UI and I am hoping someone can either fix this or tell me what I am doing wrong :)

Now when I try to quote a message from one of the players in my games I get this error message...

"You do not have access to this thread."

How can I not have access to any thread in any of my games?  I am the sole owner of all these games.


The second "bug" I noticed is just a typo I see every time I update my Scratch Pad I get the message "SratchPad saved." :)
subscriber, 645 posts
Mon 26 Feb 2024
at 18:14
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Bug Reports?

Can you be more specific about the quote bug?

Like, is it happening whenever you try to quote any player, or just a specific player(s)?

Is it happening regardless of which group the thread you're trying to quote is in?

Is it happening with an opening quote (the first time you try to quote something) or an in-line quote (if you quoted something else within the body of your post, besides the original quote that started it)?

Are you trying to quote with your GM alias, or with an NPC or another PC?
member, 392 posts
Mon 26 Feb 2024
at 18:59
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Bug Reports?

I am trying to quote as the GM, it has happened every time I have tried to quote anything from any player since I crossed over to this UI.  I never had this issue in the old UI.
subscriber, 810 posts
Mon 26 Feb 2024
at 20:03
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Bug Reports?

What method are you using to quote?

I assume you're clicking the "quote" link at the top of the post you want to quote?

Have you tried doing a normal reply to the thread so the reply fields open, and then scrolling up to the message and clicking the "quote" link on the post you want to quote and seeing if that adds the text quote to your reply?

Don't know that it will make a difference but if it errors on one methodology but not the other, that might be useful to know.
member, 96 posts
Software Tester
Sydney, Australia
Mon 26 Feb 2024
at 20:34
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Bug Reports?

Just to Verify -- have you tried the old IT fix?  Log out of rpol entirely using the logout link on the menu.  Clear your cache and your cookies for rpol, and log back in?  All of SunRuanEr's questions are also exceptionally useful to have answer two.
member, 325 posts
Tue 27 Feb 2024
at 00:28
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Bug Reports?

I was wondering if its a bug that when I apply to a game while I am waiting for a reply it stays red though I click the mark messages as read ?
member, 98 posts
Software Tester
Sydney, Australia
Tue 27 Feb 2024
at 00:38
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Bug Reports?

Hi silverelf.  You should create a new topic in this forum with your question, so it gets its own attention rather than get lost in CaptainHellrazor's issue.

@Mods, can we rename this topic to something more appropriate?  A generic "Bug Report" title will attract all sorts of unrelated issues.
moderator, 1090 posts
Whatever it is,
I'm against it
Tue 27 Feb 2024
at 04:44

Bug Reports?

Excellent suggestion ... and done !  :>

Captain Hellrazor - since we can't mention game names in this forum (of course), can you send an rMail to the mods with the name of one of your games where the problem is occurring so we can have a look under the hood.  And can you also cut n paste your original post for context in case the mod who gets there first hasn't been following this thread.
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