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23:57, 12th July 2024 (GMT+0)

Gm Upload Portrait Issue.

Posted by silverelf
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Tue 12 Mar 2024
at 19:29
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Gm Upload Portrait Issue

I recently cleared some uploaded portraits that I had no need of any longer ( not in use ) for those that would be in use. It would not allow me to replace the deleted files with new ones . It let me upload them but when I went to assign portrait they were not in the uploaded files. Is anyone else having this issue ?
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Tue 12 Mar 2024
at 20:01
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Gm Upload Portrait Issue

So...more questions.

Was the old portrait in use by a character that was deleted or otherwise removed? If it had belonged to an existing character, had it been removed from use (by clearing it from the portrait selection screen) before the file was replaced? Was this on a player character, or a GM character?

I just went and tested, and everything seems to be working right on my end, but it was only limited testing with my GM character. I can try to break it more by using PCs and NPCs in addition to my GM character, if necessary.

I uploaded an image, selected it as a portrait, then removed it from use, and then deleted the image from the portraits, uploaded a new portrait in that slot, and was successfully able to choose the new upload as a portrait again.

In the case where I did NOT remove the portrait from being used before deleting the file and replacing it with a new file, the portrait automatically switched from old to new when the files were swapped on the portrait management page.
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Tue 12 Mar 2024
at 20:21
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Gm Upload Portrait Issue

The characters were already removed from the game. The portrait remained. I went and removed them. That went to upload the new characters, and the image didn't show up. Its weird.
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Tue 12 Mar 2024
at 20:45

Gm Upload Portrait Issue

Did you try a forced refresh?  Sometimes things get stuck, and need a little kick to get them moving (sometimes happens with maps, for example).
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Tue 12 Mar 2024
at 20:53
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Gm Upload Portrait Issue


I have successfully deleted an NPC without their portrait being removed, then deleted the portrait, uploaded a new portrait in that slot, and selected that portrait with a new NPC.

I have removed a portrait from an NPC, uploaded a new portrait in that slot, and successfully selected that portrait with a new NPC.

I put an uploaded portrait on a PC, then moved them to hidden without changing the portrait, THEN deleted the portrait, and successfully uploaded a new portrait in the same slot for selection for use by another PC.

The only thing I haven't tried - because I'm not willing to dink around with other players' characters - is altering portraits on PCs that belong to PCs that don't have GM access. I can't break it with anything I've tried, NPC or PC, removing or not removing the portraits before replacing them, but the only characters I've attempted to manipulate have been characters that belong to players with GM access.

...just to ask the dumb question, silverelf, but you definitely checked the 'delete' box under the image, and then hit the 'Upload Portraits' button to remove it, and then went back in to 'Choose file' for the new image, and then hit 'Upload Portraits' again, right?
member, 335 posts
Tue 12 Mar 2024
at 21:03
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Gm Upload Portrait Issue

Yep. I am experimenting with it at the moment. XD
member, 336 posts
Tue 12 Mar 2024
at 21:11
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Gm Upload Portrait Issue

Here is what I have uploaded.

and what I see
member, 29 posts
Mon 24 Jun 2024
at 03:17
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Gm Upload Portrait Issue

I can not see up upload portraits either. I have tried all kinds of setting changed but in all cases it was 100x100 jpg that was less than 5kb. I had successfully used the same method back when the feature was introduced. I haven’t had the need for it since.

Edit: I kept trying everything I could and I found a bizarre workaround for now. If I upload from My Photos on my iPhone it won’t load. But if I share a Dropbox link to myself I can go to the page and download it to the downloads section. When I upload it as a file instead of a photo, it accepts it.
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Mon 24 Jun 2024
at 14:53
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Gm Upload Portrait Issue

I believe an iPhone stores photos as HEIC/HEIF by default - it that's the case here, then does it convert to jpg when you save a photo to Dropbox ?  Or is it possible that it's using cloud storage so the image isn't on the phone but on the cloud, so it can't resolve if you try to upload from the phone.

Bearing in mind I don't have an iPhone so I'm speculating wildly, ably assisted by Google !  <grins>
member, 26 posts
Tue 25 Jun 2024
at 16:12
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Gm Upload Portrait Issue

In reply to Skald (msg # 9):

There’s an iPhone camera setting that’ll let you save everything as a jpeg, I think it’s called Most Compatible or something! HEIC is ‘high efficiency image capture’ which I just learned a few moments ago when my boyfriend told me what it stood for lol
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