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11:18, 22nd July 2024 (GMT+0)

Fragment anchors (tag ids) on wiki pages.

Posted by Zahariel
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Mon 18 Mar 2024
at 07:33
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Fragment anchors (tag ids) on wiki pages

Is there any way to make a fragment anchor on a wiki page, so that a link can go directly to a specific spot on the page? That is, if I have a long wiki page and I want to be able to link directly to "Section 6". Normally you can put something like <a id="section6"></a> (preferably around the heading, but I know that doesn't work for a separate reason), and then elsewhere use <a href="#section6">quick trip to section 6</a>. I've tried a few things and I didn't have any trouble making the link itself, but nothing I've done creates the tag that serves as the landing spot. It seems like the tag parser just doesn't like the id attribute at all, and if it shows up, the tag just completely fails to parse. Any help?
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