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00:36, 13th July 2024 (GMT+0)

Die Roller.

Posted by azzuri
member, 715 posts
Fri 29 Mar 2024
at 23:06
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Die Roller

I haven't used the die roller since the new format intruded. It no longer seems to work as it did, and there is no clear direction/instruction as to how it is supposed to work.
subscriber, 812 posts
Fri 29 Mar 2024
at 23:11
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Die Roller

What exactly are you trying to roll?

Might make it easier to walk you through an example to help explain any differences you're seeing.
member, 3054 posts
Fri 29 Mar 2024
at 23:58
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Die Roller

  I use  die  rolls , mostly for encounters, and outcomes...sometimes for attacks..none of  my players have  complained , outside , of 'missing rolls"  ::chuckles::
member, 716 posts
Sat 30 Mar 2024
at 00:05
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Die Roller

Shadowrun 5.0: 18D6, success with 5,6
member, 22 posts
Sat 30 Mar 2024
at 00:46
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Die Roller

In reply to azzuri (msg # 4):

Use shadowrun 4th edition roller the others are re-rolling the max dice for some reason.
member, 717 posts
Sat 30 Mar 2024
at 02:02
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Die Roller

As suggested with Shadowrun 4.0. Success.

19:59, Today: xxx 3 successes using 18d6 with the Shadowrun 4th ed system with a target of 5 ((1,3,2,1,4,1,4,2,1,6, 5,1,5,3,2,1,3,1)).

Prior roll with Shadowrun '5.0'

17:00, Today: xxx rolled 4 successes using 18d6 with the Shadowrun system with a target of 5 with rolls of 2,2,2,1,3,1,3,1,(6+3)9,3,4,5,1,2,3,(6+1)7,2,(6+6+3)15.  testing.

9, 7, and 15 are obviously incorrect...
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member, 42 posts
Sat 30 Mar 2024
at 08:06
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Die Roller

I guess you have the rerolling max box checked...
member, 23 posts
Sat 30 Mar 2024
at 13:37
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Die Roller

In reply to Lluis (msg # 7):

Nope that box is not checked, on either version.

when i check the box i get this "You cannot reroll maxes when selecting a system, the roller will automatically handle any special requirements."
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member, 45 posts
Sat 30 Mar 2024
at 21:42
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Die Roller

I'm not very experienced in Shadowrun but the "Shadowrun" dice roller is the old Shadowrun system (e.g. Shadowrun 2) where your target number could be above 6. In SR2 (maybe even SR3, not sure) when you roll a 6 you roll it again and adding the new roll to 6 so you have some chance hitting target numbers like 8 or 10

So the Shadowrun system work exactly as it should work. Could it be renamed to something less generic? Maybe. I'm not sure how dices working in SR1 and SR3, but I've played a lot of SR2 so for that part I'm quite certain.
member, 51 posts
Sat 30 Mar 2024
at 22:48
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Die Roller

In SR4 and newer, "exploding 6's" should only apply to some rolls, and not others. Need to be able to turn that on and off. The Shadowrun 4th ed dice roller does not have that ability. To get exploding 6's, I have had to go to the blank dice roller (so no system is selected), then check the reroll maxes box. That loses the SR success count though.

Using the Shadowrun dice roller always dowa exploding 6's, but it does not count them correctly (for sr4+). It sums each exploding 6 to a single value, then just counts that as a single success.

There should also be variations in what is a glitch or critical glitch.
moderator, 1100 posts
Whatever it is,
I'm against it
Sun 31 Mar 2024
at 13:14
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Die Roller

I believe jase would have programmed the dice rollers per whatever specifications he was provided at the time.

If there's changes that need to be made, you should post a new thread requesting it in RPoL Development so the required changes can be agreed and jase can action them.

I'm not a Shadowrun player, so I can't help with this.  :>
member, 25 posts
Sun 31 Mar 2024
at 15:03
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Die Roller

I think that the shadowrun 4 roller works for 5

Oh yea i vaguely remember trying to get target number 7's for things as it was the same as 6.
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