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Notice: Wanted - GMs Rules  [17 June 2010]cruinne004:01, Sat 05 May 2007 by the author
D&D Birthright setting? Any edition, any system.   [last]Kyndig311:35, Today by Kyndig
SR5 or 6 request   [last]Gremlin1011:25, Today by Gremlin
Looking for Invisible Sun GM   [last]Isida KepTukari509:50, Today by Isida KepTukari
PendragonPuckohue007:32, Today by the author
GM Wanted for Marvel Heroic Roleplaying   [last]12th Doctor221:07, Yesterday by 12th Doctor
Conan the Barbarian, Hyborian Kingdoms.   [last]Bannacor2419:59, Yesterday by Bannacor
Exalted 2.5   [first|last]V_V3917:21, Yesterday by V_V
Tutorial Apocalypse World or PbtA game   [last]chromatophoria712:18, Thu 19 Sept by Alyse
Looking for an AD&D 2ed game   [last]Luney1221:01, Wed 18 Sept by Luney1
I would love a tokusatsu/sentai type game   [last]Vulco1520:29, Wed 18 Sept by AegisGame
Looking for Starfinder   [last]Mortixx216:39, Wed 18 Sept by DevilOfRoses
Looking for a card game based RPG   [last]V_V817:55, Tue 17 Sept by V_V
D&D 3.5 Immortals Handbook, Epic Spellcasting permitted   [last]V_V217:54, Tue 17 Sept by V_V
Forever DM wants to play a gameDengle016:24, Tue 17 Sept by the author
Mage: The Awakened 2ed, Orphaned CharacterSynthesis006:41, Tue 17 Sept by the author
Cyberpunk Red Quickstart   [last]Hatten318:36, Mon 16 Sept by Hatten
Illusionist seeks home   [last]jess_car_fix217:07, Mon 16 Sept by jess_car_fix
Looking for a Game   [first|last]Rez57300:34, Mon 16 Sept by Rez
Vampire: the Requiem or Mage: the Awakening 2e   [last]Trilogy1919:45, Sun 15 Sept by Apregis
S.T.A.L.K.E.R   [last]cymon818:23, Sun 15 Sept by Mahatatain
Looking for D&D 4e, preferably with themesDamian_Alpha001:50, Sun 15 Sept by the author
GM for a Wheel of Time game?   [first|last]12th Doctor2717:27, Sat 14 Sept by 12th Doctor
Solo Game   [last]alkahest66405:05, Sat 14 Sept by V_V
Godbound   [last]Kammerer812:11, Fri 13 Sept by TheRaconteur
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