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Notice: Wanted - GMs Rules  [17 June 2010]cruinne004:01, Sat 05 May 2007 by the author
Exalted 2.5   [first|last]V_V5322:54, Yesterday by V_V
Greyhawk Thieves Guild   [last]Bannacor1918:40, Yesterday by zackcalahan
D&D Birthright setting? Any edition, any system.   [last]Kyndig1715:38, Yesterday by BBendriss
Group seeking a Pathfinder (1st Edition) game.   [last]Milanda Parahawk501:27, Yesterday by StarMaster
Looking for a Game-WoT/Star Wars/DnD   [first|last]Rez60423:32, Mon 20 Jan by Rez
Babylon 5 D20 OR Other Rules Options - GM Wanted   [first|last]tkolter3022:31, Mon 20 Jan by tkolter
looking for genesys or Savage worlds gm.One on one preferredjackdarkking021:54, Mon 20 Jan by the author
Seeking Wuxia/Eastern-themed games.   [last]Larhas1219:33, Mon 20 Jan by Larhas
Dnd 3.5   [last]Shinoskay523:51, Sun 19 Jan by wolfecubb
I want to play nobilis 3rd edition!   [last]Ameraaaaaa112:10, Sun 19 Jan by Spiderling
The Expanse (AGE)   [last]Gremlin1010:00, Sat 18 Jan by Gremlin
Ta'veren Rising: Wheel of Time RPG (lvl 16-ish)   [last]Sardis302:00, Sat 18 Jan by Sardis
Agent X (Mutants and Masterminds 2e or 3e - PL 12-15)   [last]Sardis602:00, Sat 18 Jan by Sardis
5e - Black Ops-like Mercenaries   [last]Sardis601:59, Sat 18 Jan by Sardis
DnD 5e: Into the Borderlands/Caves of Chaos   [last]Sardis1601:48, Sat 18 Jan by Justisaur
DnD 3.5 Community Based Game   [last]tkolter520:17, Fri 17 Jan by Carmilla
Mage: The Awakened 2ed, Orphaned Character   [last]Synthesis117:30, Fri 17 Jan by Synthesis
Shadowrun   [last]riki.joat315:02, Fri 17 Jan by Coyote
Scion 2nd EditionCreschen014:26, Fri 17 Jan by the author
Exalted 3E (Masters of Creation and Beyond)   [last]BBQLord107:02, Fri 17 Jan by BBQLord
Fire Emblem   [last]Shinoskay601:38, Wed 15 Jan by Shinoskay
Star Wars   [last]Hakazu121:12, Tue 14 Jan by Doji Hoturi
Team 7 - Modern D20 / Superhero D20 - Gestalt   [last]Balthazar619:12, Tue 14 Jan by Doji Hoturi
D&D 3.5 Forgotten Realms Game with ONLY Gnomes and Halflings   [last]tkolter2018:03, Tue 14 Jan by Kenderkin
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