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DnD 5e: Into the Borderlands/Caves of Chaos   [last]Sardis2211:18, Thu 13 Feb by christopherscottc
v3.5 or 5e (gestalt): 1st level "Special" Wizard Specialists   [last]Sardis703:36, Thu 13 Feb by Sardis
Ta'veren Rising: Wheel of Time RPG (lvl 16-ish)   [last]Sardis603:35, Thu 13 Feb by Sardis
Team 7 - Modern D20 / Superhero D20 - Gestalt   [last]Balthazar1003:35, Thu 13 Feb by Sardis
5e - Black Ops-like Mercenaries   [last]Sardis903:34, Thu 13 Feb by Sardis
Seal Team D&D   [last]Sardis1116:08, Wed 12 Feb by Sardis
Dragon age   [last]jamat1622:13, Mon 10 Feb by jamat
Looking for a new GM for a Dawn of Defiance (SWSE) campaign   [last]Yaztromo315:54, Mon 10 Feb by Yaztromo
5e D&D gameLord_Sanduzun023:11, Sun 09 Feb by the author
Black CrusadeLordHerneErlking022:19, Sun 09 Feb by the author
Looking for CO-GM for Adult Free Form Game "GR"Elohvey020:09, Sun 09 Feb by the author
Iconic Level Star Wars RPGzeone3000018:55, Sun 09 Feb by the author
Seeking DM for 5th edition D&DShadowraith006:26, Sun 09 Feb by the author
Mage: The Awakened 2ed, Orphaned Character   [last]Synthesis202:23, Sun 09 Feb by Synthesis
Pokemon Tabletop United   [last]LoonyLadle615:47, Sat 08 Feb by LoonyLadle
Looking for a game - D&D 3.5 (preferred) or 5e   [last]Bruiser419420:36, Fri 07 Feb by Bruiser419
Alien Rpg   [last]keyland718:39, Fri 07 Feb by MrGrinch33
Greyhawk Thieves Guild   [last]Bannacor2321:53, Thu 06 Feb by V_V
Exalted 2.5   [first|last]V_V5419:12, Thu 06 Feb by Knight_Vassal
I want to play nobilis 3rd edition!   [last]Ameraaaaaa1117:26, Thu 06 Feb by Elyshian
Conan the Barbarian, Hyborian Kingdoms.   [first|last]Bannacor3301:04, Thu 06 Feb by helvorn
Touhou w/ GSSCarmilla021:53, Wed 05 Feb by the author
The Dark Eye RPG (solo or with group)   [last]Andhaira115:31, Wed 05 Feb by Yaztromo
Looking for a Witcher TRPG game   [last]LordHerneErlking306:47, Wed 05 Feb by Warrax
LF: D&D 5e   [last]tmagann200:14, Tue 04 Feb by tmagann
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