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Legend of the five rings 5th edition   [last]Paladin_Falling116:16, Fri 13 Nov by Paladin_Falling
Some games   [last]willvr113:10, Fri 13 Nov by hobgob
Planes hopping?   [last]sbodmann1005:49, Wed 11 Nov by Isida KepTukari
Solo Shadowrun, teach me latest editionNil_Mercy020:49, Tue 10 Nov by the author
Looking to play Pathfinder with 3pp   [last]TJCid1115:49, Mon 09 Nov by TJCid
Solo game - flexible about system/setting   [last]Arislyn322:50, Sat 07 Nov by Arislyn
5e D&D noob seeks General game that won't die.   [last]Jeffery St. Clair403:27, Sat 07 Nov by Jeffery St. Clair
LF: D&D 5e   [last]tmagann100:24, Sat 07 Nov by tmagann
Looking for Low Level high fantasy game for two players.   [last]Selyna315:02, Thu 05 Nov by Selyna
Twilight 2013 GM Wanted   [last]Lampright1100:55, Thu 05 Nov by Lampright
High level gestalt Pathfinder game   [last]Luney1200:02, Thu 05 Nov by Luney1
A Game of ShadowsLord_Sanduzun021:25, Wed 04 Nov by the author
GM for Degenesis: Rebirth   [last]Hatten123:47, Tue 03 Nov by Hatten
A game to play a 5e Unearthed Arcana mystic.Hoser022:22, Sun 01 Nov by the author
Mr. Johnson Wanted   [last]Knight_Vassal619:15, Sun 01 Nov by nlgjohnson
Looking for M&M 3E   [last]Silaedriel113:21, Sun 01 Nov by LoonyLadle
DC Adventures or Mutants & Masterminds?   [last]RossN122:49, Sat 31 Oct by Rogue Leader
Inspired by a song (looking for solo or group ADULT)Starchaser009:52, Sat 31 Oct by the author
Vampire: The Masquerade - 5th ed.   [last]Luney1319:13, Fri 30 Oct by Luney1
Looking for a D&D game (5e, 3.x or 2e, or other)   [last]LunarKitty104:10, Fri 30 Oct by Ski-Bird
Looking for a GM for Masks A New Generation   [last]KotaMedic417:35, Tue 27 Oct by Ski-Bird
D&D 5e with Pop Culture Characters   [last]Nintaku906:39, Tue 27 Oct by DJ-Anarchy
Pathfinder   [first|last]Hunter3120:53, Mon 26 Oct by Hunter
Solo free-form (slice of life/ supernatural/ transformation)   [last]maroonfox219:32, Mon 26 Oct by Myrddin Emyr
Boothill 3rd edition with the supplementsKerbouchard008:57, Sun 25 Oct by the author
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