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Harry Pptter Game Request Using Adapted 5e DND rules   [last]onlie2004207:31, Wed 02 June by Lord Psynister
Legend of the five rings 5th edition   [last]Paladin_Falling318:30, Tue 01 June by Knight_Vassal
Conan the Barbarian   [last]Cherokee Wind811:42, Mon 31 May by Bannacor
Warhammer 2nd Edition.   [last]cymon108:00, Sat 29 May by dr_B
Star Wars with modifies D&D 5e rulesdoom29169023:15, Fri 28 May by the author
Begging for a 4e DnD Keep on the Shadowfell Campaign   [last]onlie2004912:49, Fri 28 May by dulldreams
Aliens RPG   [last]CTWraith912:31, Thu 27 May by Silverfoxdmt73
Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 2 or 3rd edition   [last]Headcrab1802:30, Thu 27 May by muledonkey
Star Wars   [last]Hakazu1616:52, Wed 26 May by Hakazu
old school 'Paranoia'   [last]dr_B207:45, Wed 26 May by dr_B
Mage New World of Darkness Request for GM/GM support (MatureX3RX3S019:18, Tue 25 May by the author
Through The Breach   [last]Willis203:27, Mon 24 May by jamat
RP Heavy / Group Interaction game?Tom_Clancy's_Ghost_Recon002:21, Mon 24 May by the author
Small Group Post-Apocalyptic RP (adult rating)   [last]guerting501:40, Mon 24 May by TheGreatG
Beginner's D&D 3.5 game   [last]grahamcox821121:52, Sat 22 May by theanah
City of Mist   [last]Willis203:51, Wed 19 May by Gaffer
Leashed-Witch Looking for a Hunters GameRaynFaustus013:49, Tue 18 May by the author
Pathfinder   [first|last]Hunter3610:14, Mon 17 May by Hunter
Exalted 2.5   [first|last]V_V5706:54, Mon 17 May by V_V
Mörk BorgEduardo020:10, Sat 15 May by the author
Sith out of time (Star Wars) edited/updated   [last]Hunter514:07, Fri 14 May by Tuopleeze
Seeking GM for Solo Sword & Planetminioch018:44, Fri 07 May by the author
Werewolf the apocalypse   [last]Keilian703:03, Fri 07 May by housejohnson
Infinity the rpg   [last]Paladin_Falling114:10, Wed 05 May by gingernuts
Looking for some horror: CoC, Kult?Varsovian023:23, Mon 03 May by the author
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