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Notice: GPIA Rules (read me first) [07 June 2010]cruinne002:59, Sat 05 May 2007 by the author
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IC- Sorcerer's crusade using Mage 20th Anniversary rules   [last]gladiusdei204:57, Today by SeekingOne
Mage: the Ascension v.2?   [last]SimAmber404:52, Today by SeekingOne
Interest Check: Wolves of God (From the creator of Godbound)Cosmic Latte004:47, Today by the author
Game advice needed: Letting a rogue shine   [last]CrazyIvan7771002:06, Today by engine
IC: Star Empires (Colony/Empire Building) in Starfinder/PF   [last]mofo99819:54, Yesterday by GreenTongue
IC: modern/urban fantasy, writing intensive, likely adult   [last]Ginkgo Bear1317:55, Yesterday by Ginkgo Bear
IC: Kingmaker using 2nd ed. AD&D   [last]Morty513:21, Yesterday by borderline_dnd
IC: Paranoia   [last]liblarva521:48, Wed 16 Oct by evileeyore
Interest Check: Dresden Files Accelerated?   [last]jait613:56, Mon 14 Oct by jait
IC: ICONS game silver age/JLA vibe   [last]dokel822:11, Fri 11 Oct by penne
Ideas about a troupe-style war setting?   [last]Kyndig1018:30, Fri 11 Oct by Kyndig
Modern GURPS sandbox city game (crime,horror,fantasy?)   [last]ThaClown1000:44, Fri 11 Oct by ThaClown
A Very 80s Game   [last]Tortuga2222:24, Thu 10 Oct by Tortuga
Space Explorers   [last]dorin1003:48, Thu 10 Oct by OutlawJT
Gauging interest in TORG Eternity   [last]rjschwabe2014:53, Tue 08 Oct by 12th Doctor
Free-Form Sci Fi idea!   [last]b3N0m321:42, Sat 05 Oct by Zag24
Slasher Horror anyone?   [last]steelsmiter321:48, Fri 04 Oct by steelsmiter
Anyone do Active Exploits?   [last]RPGuru92515:40, Thu 03 Oct by rabideldar
IC: Pokemon Mythic   [last]gorchek203:13, Mon 30 Sept by Gray-Exile43
IC : Symbaroum   [last]D0d93r1013:53, Sat 21 Sept by D0d93r
Game advice needed: Solitary character   [last]CrazyIvan7771119:29, Wed 18 Sept by Karack
Superhero RPG   [last]Gamergirl614:32, Mon 16 Sept by Gamergirl
V20 Dark ages?Celestial WArrior003:43, Sun 15 Sept by the author
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