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IC- semi-sandbox VtM20 game with multiple, seperate coteries   [last]gladiusdei215:54, Tue 21 May by gladiusdei
[IC] Electric katana   [last]Morty212:28, Tue 21 May by CaesarCV
Modern AGE Slasher Horror (Adult)   [last]steelsmiter616:32, Sun 19 May by steelsmiter
W20: War of the Dragon KingsCelestial WArrior016:51, Sat 18 May by the author
D&D or Dark Heresy   [last]Theridan605:36, Sat 18 May by BrisNoc
Pitch me idea for a Modern AGE game   [first|last]steelsmiter3501:22, Fri 17 May by steelsmiter
IC- Vampire 20th anniversary Dark Ages setting ideas   [last]gladiusdei2205:36, Thu 16 May by gladiusdei
Splinter Cell, Wildlands, Division, Siege???   [last]MegatonBlade1115:12, Wed 15 May by MegatonBlade
Any interest in Call of Cthulhu - End Times: The Reaping 7ed   [last]Coleson515:56, Tue 14 May by Coleson
IC: Post-Apocalyptic Dark Fantasy using Dragon AGE RPG   [last]theBathrobeWizard205:08, Tue 14 May by jamat
Gauging interest in TORG Eternity   [last]rjschwabe909:09, Sun 12 May by Stalker05
M. Knight Shamalan’s Supers World   [last]doom29169814:14, Fri 10 May by doom29169
IC: Spirit of the Twenty-First Century   [last]airellian807:09, Thu 09 May by horus
GURPS Supers. Any point level.   [last]Tortuga1216:27, Wed 08 May by Tortuga
Solo game(s) with romance / erotica (Women wanted)   [last]Starchaser210:23, Wed 08 May by Starchaser
IC: low magic, slightly gritty D&D 5E   [last]OutlawJT1014:28, Tue 07 May by OutlawJT
Few Ideas and Seeking Interest Levels   [last]Sarge67604:03, Tue 07 May by steelsmiter
IC- A semi-sandbox V20 game including werewolves/mages   [first|last]gladiusdei2503:36, Tue 07 May by gladiusdei
IC - Dresden Files Accelerated   [last]Cassieledm402:22, Tue 07 May by Rook Seidhr
IC: Fate Accelerated   [last]BurningBones402:15, Tue 07 May by BurningBones
IC - Godbound in Fantasy Asia   [last]Yozi509:14, Mon 06 May by Yozi
IC - Adventures in Middle-Earth   [last]Willis1503:10, Sun 05 May by thattripletguy
Amnseia (game utilizing Pathfinder rules)   [last]Kennedy919:33, Fri 03 May by 12th Doctor
Star Wars: Rule of Two   [last]Steeldragon05913:49, Thu 02 May by Kennedy
Twilight 2000 using v2.2 rules   [last]Mahatatain1300:10, Thu 02 May by bblaney
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