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IC: Anyone here like Gundam Seed? Or just scifi war?   [last]Xethryl115:51, Sat 16 Sept by Morty
Preliminary IC   [last]Alcuin1416:02, Fri 08 Sept by Alcuin
IC: Pre-fabricated D&D 3.5 Delve into the Depths   [last]V_V216:41, Tue 05 Sept by serrasin
OSE: Gods of the Forbidden North   [last]Nisaom319:23, Sun 03 Sept by Nisaom
IC: End Times campaign (SWADE)   [last]Yaztromo522:33, Sat 02 Sept by Yaztromo
IC Heroes Unlimited (Revised Second Edition) from Palladium.   [last]Patricio518:54, Sun 27 Aug by Patricio
Could my class ideas be adapted into OVA rules?   [last]Wildcard115:47, Fri 25 Aug by steelsmiter
IC: Silent Legions (OSR Horror)Yozi016:31, Wed 23 Aug by the author
IC: Napoleonic Era RPG   [last]CaptainHellrazor1913:22, Sat 19 Aug by CaptainHellrazor
IC: Beta Test of LitRPG Inspired Diceless System   [last]Cliope403:40, Fri 18 Aug by Cliope
(IC) Bar Room Brawl AD&D style   [last]CaptainHellrazor121:22, Tue 15 Aug by amalric7
[Adult] Interest Check:  Cyberpunk 2077 Play as Trauma Team   [last]Feast1102:54, Wed 09 Aug by Hunter
Avatar Legends   [last]engine220:13, Tue 08 Aug by engine
IC: (SWADE) World of Aeloria   [last]rabideldar714:36, Mon 31 July by rabideldar
Call of Cthulhu - new game   [last]Gaffer2015:12, Sat 29 July by Gaffer
Chainmail Joust tournament?   [last]Lord Gwydion322:15, Fri 28 July by Ymabdarogen
Shadowrun (Early Years)   [last]Hunter301:20, Fri 28 July by Hunter
Input. What Intrigues You?   [last]Radnoff2301:14, Tue 25 July by Alyse
IC: Mass Effect RPG   [last]WhiteComic907:35, Mon 24 July by WhiteComic
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