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Notice: The Official Thread Order (group 0)Adara the Hope Entity022:02, Mon 28 Jan 2019 by the author
Notice: The RTJ (group 0)   [last]Adara the Hope Entity103:11, Mon 25 June 2018 by Predator
Notice: The GM discussion thread (group 0)   [first|last]Predator5822:53, Sun 15 Apr 2018 by Predator
Notice: Rules (group 0)Adara the Hope Entity023:36, Tue 07 Nov 2017 by the author
Watchmen #4: Tulsa (group 0)   [first|last]Vic Sage - The Question4708:27, Mon 25 Jan by Selina Esmeralda Cel Tradat- The Catwoman
Titans #11: Crushed by Family (group 0)   [first|last]Rachel Roth- Raven12608:25, Mon 25 Jan by Lillith Morningstar
Superman #1:  Homecoming (group 0)   [first|last]Adara the Hope Entity15608:22, Wed 13 Jan by Clark Kent-Superman
Watchmen #3: Time Runs Out (group 0)   [first|last]Selina Esmeralda Cel Tradat- The Catwoman6406:28, Tue 05 Jan by Hannah Cobblepot- Robin
Batman #1: Retrospective. (group 0)   [first|last]Harvey Bullock13306:02, Tue 05 Jan by Hannah Cobblepot- Robin
The Walking Dead #3:  Chaos Magnet (group 0)   [first|last]Clementine3906:15, Fri 13 Nov 2020 by Clementine
Sanctuary  #4:  Self Discovery. (group 0)   [first|last]Billy Batson- Shazam16903:28, Tue 10 Nov 2020 by Lois Kent
Sanctuary #3: Else Worlds (group 0)   [first|last]Professor Hugo Strange8122:56, Mon 26 Oct 2020 by Selina Esmeralda Cel Tradat- The Catwoman
Titans #9: To Those About to Fight... (group 0)   [first|last]Clay McKinley (Blue Lantern)16822:51, Mon 26 Oct 2020 by Kara Zor-L- Power Woman
The Flash #7:  Time to Go (group 0)   [first|last]The Reverse Flash ( Eobard)21322:48, Thu 22 Oct 2020 by Kid Flash- Mirai Borous
Titans #8: A Tale of Sister Fires (group 0)   [first|last]Clay McKinley (Blue Lantern)14103:56, Sat 17 Oct 2020 by Queen Komand'r - Blackfire
Sanctuary #2: Something Amiss (group 0)   [first|last]Professor Hugo Strange16706:27, Sun 11 Oct 2020 by Gideon
Sanctuary #1: Sit Down and Listen (group 0)   [first|last]Professor Hugo Strange18704:44, Mon 14 Sept 2020 by Clay McKinley (Blue Lantern)
The Watchmen #2: Puppets Who See The Strings (group 0)   [first|last]NPC5907:16, Wed 26 Aug 2020 by Harley Quinn
The Watchmen #1: Everything Right is Wrong Again (group 0)   [first|last]Doctor Manhattan11307:47, Sat 27 June 2020 by Doctor Manhattan
#SE The Walking Dead: Observe and Report (group 0)   [first|last]Lee Everett11301:41, Sat 27 June 2020 by Gabe Knight
Titans #6: Objects in the Rearview Mirror (group 0)   [first|last]Hannah Cobblepot- Robin21504:56, Sun 07 June 2020 by Jaime Reyes - Blue Beetle
Supernaturals #2: Blood Ties (group 0)   [first|last]Lucifer Morningstar - The Devil18907:14, Fri 22 May 2020 by Vandal Savage
Flashpoint #1: The Dark Prophet (group 0)   [first|last]Barry Allen - The Flash.16220:01, Sun 17 May 2020 by Barry Allen - The Flash.
Supernaturals #1: Dysfunctional Family Vacation (group 0)   [first|last]Lucifer Morningstar - The Devil15302:08, Wed 13 May 2020 by Lucifer Morningstar - The Devil
Action Comics #7: Broken Toys (group 0)   [first|last]Billy Batson- Shazam16602:06, Wed 13 May 2020 by Billy Batson- Shazam
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