• This game is under the Sci-Fi & Future genres.
  • The game system is Free-form.
  • This game contains mature content.
  • The GM has marked this game as containing personal and intellectual property.
    If the GM leaves or deletes the game nobody else will be able to continue the game.
Character Logon Information
Kray Shadow AllGMTodayThu, 22 Oct2598
Admiral Hack 0123GMTodayToday9107
An'teela 0123playerTue, 27 OctSun, 16 Aug1387
Antonin Stoly Stolyarev 0123playerMon, 26 Dec 2011Mon, 09 Apr 2012438
Billie Morrisson 0123playerTodayYesterday709
Captain Si 0123playerWed, 05 AugMon, 03 Aug102
Garrat Wolfrim 0123playerTodayYesterday6542
Hannah Killian 0123AplayerThu, 12 Oct 2017Thu, 21 May 2015897
Harriet Lynch 0123playerYesterdayYesterday2571
Hawkeye Price 0123playerTodayYesterday502
Henry Christie 0123playerYesterdayYesterday3964
Isobel Sakura 0123playerYesterdayYesterday797
Joseph MacPherson 0123playerTodayWed, 21 Oct1197
Jug (Pronounced 'Joog') 0123playerTodayYesterday314
Karl Nilsson 0123playerTodayWed, 12 Aug740
Kira Ambermoon 0123playerTodayWed, 30 Sep734
Larry the Larg 0123playerTodayWed, 01 Apr7
Lizzy O'conner 0123playerTodayYesterday2489
Meari 0123playerTodayTue, 27 Oct667
Melia Kristensen 0123playerTodayYesterday2666
Mila 0123playerYesterdayYesterday536
Missy Jagger 0123playerTodayFri, 23 Oct415
Mortica 0123playerTue, 27 OctSun, 16 Aug760
Nicole Rutledge 0123playerTodayToday2862
Roy Spencer 0123playerTodayToday8758
Samantha Robertson 0123playerTodayYesterday618
Sarah McKeon 0123playerTodayYesterday520
Slick 0123playerYesterdayYesterday394
Zobaich 0123playerTodayTue, 27 Oct2942
Cookie Baker 0123NPCTodaySat, 16 Mar 2019791
Irina Tatyana 0123NPCTodayTue, 26 May 2015912
Jesse Dalton 0123NPCTodayWed, 31 Oct 20182917
John Hunter 0123NPCTodaySat, 25 Jul2604
Justin Kase 0123NPCTodayTue, 27 Aug 20193318
Katrina Losky 0123NPCTodaySun, 31 May 201561
Shade 0123NPCTodayThu, 13 Aug19
Xyran 0123NPCTodayThu, 21 Feb 2019196