• This game is under the Fantasy genre.
  • The game system is Ars Magica.
Character Logon Information
Alpha Storyguide AllGMFri, 12 JulTue, 09 Jul73
Agent James Abraham Wilson 0playerNeverNever0
Aidan 0ClericNeverNever0
Angus Quinlan 0playerNeverNever0
Arth Zaxarus 0playerNeverNever0
Asgur 0playerNeverNever0
Balthasar 0jatekosNeverNever0
Cassius 0playerNeverNever0
Dominik Thorten 0playerNeverNever0
Edmund 0playerNeverNever0
Essius Crarga 0KorusvezetoNeverNever0
Finn O Fearghail 0playerNeverNever0
Freddie 0JKNeverNever0
Fredrik 0playerNeverNever0
Gold 0playerMon, 13 MayTue, 29 Jul 20142
Il'darion d'Aarden 0Human WarriorNeverNever0
Leopold Biedermann 0Sigmarite PriestNeverNever0
Lycus Chauvel 0Arbitrator-DesperadoNeverNever0
Marcus DH1 0GuardsmanNeverNever0
Marcus Valentus 0playerNeverNever0
Marin Navarro 0playerNeverNever0
Octavus Maximus 0ExploratorNeverNever0
Thorgrim Fargunson 0playerNeverNever0
Vestronius Dorvillier 0playerNeverNever0
Vex 0playerNeverNever0
Will the Blade 0NomadNeverNever0
Flavia Bartlette 0NPCFri, 12 JulNever0
Kyros 0NPCFri, 12 JulNever0
Melinda Rey 0NPCFri, 12 JulNever0
Sgt Lucius Gavinski 0NPCFri, 12 JulNever0
Vigilus Maximinus 0NPCFri, 12 JulNever0