• This game is under the Fantasy, Anime & Action/Adventure genres.
  • The game system is Dungeons & Dragons 3.5.
  • This game contains adult content.
  • The GM has marked this game as containing personal and intellectual property.
    If the GM leaves or deletes the game nobody else will be able to continue the game.
Character Logon Information
Narrator AllGMFri, 07 Dec 2018Mon, 09 Oct 201753
Dante Arkanis 01OPCNeverNever0
Apollyon Stahl 0NPCFri, 07 Dec 2018Never0
Aquamarine Seastar 0Rival NPCNeverNever0
Arkhan Tylanius 01ONPC MagisterNeverNever0
Aryiss Tiathar Darasv 0Monk NPCNeverNever0
Belleysia 0Fey NPCNeverNever0
Boris von Daltain 01Guard NPCNeverNever0
Bremusa 01ONPC BerserkerNeverNever0
Brik-Drok 0Orc NPCNeverNever0
Captain Jack the Iron Fist 012Pirate NPCNeverNever0
Carlita 0Animal NPCNeverNever0
Celeste 01Animal NPCNeverNever0
Crona Verdimer 01Mage NPCNeverNever0
Cruk 01ONPC BerserkerNeverNever0
Damien Mithrander 01ONPC Human MonkNeverNever0
Dante's Followers 01NPC FollowersNeverNever0
Darc Wildwing 01NPC DruidNeverNever0
Dirk Iverstein 01ONPC Monster HunterNeverNever0
Drake Metalbane 0Rival NPCNeverNever0
Dur-Kurok 0Orc NPCNeverNever0
Edwin Drakon 01Noble NPCNeverNever0
Elise Drakon 01Noble NPCNeverNever0
Elora Feywood 01Wild NPCNeverNever0
Enchanter 01Crafter NPCNeverNever0
Farisa Liteshroud 01Undead NPCNeverNever0
Flint Rockhammer 01OGnome NPCNeverNever0
Flistha Veinklaw 01Wild NPCNeverNever0
Forge-Worker 01Crafter NPCNeverNever0
Gendaria 0Fey NPCNeverNever0
Gerias 0Familiar NPCNeverNever0
Grigorok 0Unk NPCNeverNever0
Harlequin Valeria 0Jester NPCNeverNever0
Jak-Rogg 0Goblin NPCNeverNever0
James Hawk 012Pirate NPCNeverNever0
Karastrix 0Mount NPCNeverNever0
Kathrin Dunefist 012Dancer NPCNeverNever0
Kazreeus'Aris Darkleaf 0Undead NPCNeverNever0
Lady Drakon 01Noble NPCNeverNever0
Lazarkon'Aris Darkleaf 0Undead NPCNeverNever0
Locke Shortcaller 01Alchemist NPCNeverNever0
Lord Drakon 01Noble NPCNeverNever0
Makaela Dalamin 01NPC ChefNeverNever0
Natalia Drakon 01Noble NPCNeverNever0
Nealie o' Laughlin 012Bard NPCNeverNever0
Oberron 0Rival NPCNeverNever0
Quirin 01ONPC BerserkerNeverNever0
Rachel 0Animal NPCNeverNever0
Rosa Leeah 0Rival NPCNeverNever0
Sarah Crimsonrose 01Rogue NPCNeverNever0
Sarisa Lynxton 0Catfolk NPCNeverNever0
Serrabelle 0Fey NPCNeverNever0
Shadow 01ONPC NinjaNeverNever0
Shadowhoove 01Mount NPCNeverNever0
Shield-Omega 01Minion NPCNeverNever0
Silence 01ONPC HitmanNeverNever0
Sword-Alpha 0Minion NPCNeverNever0
Thalinar Darastrix 012Dragoon NPCNeverNever0
Tyrion Beilyntri 01ONPC MagisterNeverNever0
Umbra 01NPC MountNeverNever0
Valeria 01ONPC ArcherNeverNever0
Valora Drakon 01Noble NPCNeverNever0
Vemaria 0Fey NPCNeverNever0
Vivi 01ONPC MageNeverNever0
Zayrik Breinner 01ONPC EidolistNeverNever0
Zeras Verceili 01War Priest NPCNeverNever0
Zoran 01ONPC AvatarNeverNever0