• This game is under the Drama genre.
  • The GM has marked this game as containing personal and intellectual property.
    If the GM leaves or deletes the game nobody else will be able to continue the game.
Character Logon Information
Paradox AllGMWed, 13 JanMon, 01 May 201775
Abel Rogers 0C20NeverNever0
Alaric Drusus 0Only WarNeverNever0
Ammon Vel 0SWSENeverNever0
Azazel Echo-of-Reproach ZW20 - GarouNeverNever0
Corporal Ivori 0Only WarNeverNever0
Damian Marshall ZW20 - GarouNeverNever0
Dot-the-Eyes ZW20 - GarouNeverNever0
Eli Matthews ZV20 - SabbatNeverNever0
Ernesto 0Street ScoutNeverNever0
Foros ZWHFRPNeverNever0
Gareth 0ScoutNeverNever0
Gavin ZM20 - MageNeverNever0
Harven Brock 01BattletechNeverNever0
Katya 0WF40kRPNeverNever0
Keane - Flesh 0playerNeverNever0
Keane - My Brother's Keeper 0DesperadoNeverNever0
Keane ZW20 - FeraNeverNever0
Lucina Krause - Winds of Change 0playerNeverNever0
Mephi The-Proclaimer 0GarouNeverNever0
Mongoose 0WH40K Only WarNeverNever0
Morgan ZBluddenningNeverNever0
Par'vula ZSWSENeverNever0
Peggy Howard ZM20 - MageNeverNever0
Petra Nicholas ZW20 - GarouNeverNever0
Scathe-Lock ZW20 - FeraNeverNever0
Scourge 0Arcane DreamerNeverNever0
Shad Michaels ZV20 - SabbatNeverNever0
Silas Proceus ZWH40KRPNeverNever0
Simon ZSR4NeverNever0
Sir Gareth of Astolat ZW20 - GarouNeverNever0
Stands-Against-the-Storm ZW20 - GarouNeverNever0
Tau Dark-Words ZW20 - GarouNeverNever0
Toby 0playerNeverNever0
Top ZSR4NeverNever0
Ulman Holzbeck ZWHFRPNeverNever0
Vaughn Silsbury ZW20 - GarouNeverNever0
Verge - Flesh 0playerNeverNever0
Verge ZM20 - MageNeverNever0
Viktoria Kozlova ZW20 - FeraNeverNever0
Viktor Kozlov 0Void-MasterNeverNever0
Vytas (DAV20) 01DAV20NeverNever0
Vytas ZV20 - SabbatNeverNever0
Emily Wainwright 01NPC City GangrelNeverNever0
Ghost 0NPCWed, 13 JanNever0
Inception 0NPCWed, 13 JanWed, 29 Mar 201714
Kamcor Forvid 0NPCWed, 13 JanNever0
Lhyra Greatfang 0NPCWed, 13 JanNever0
Livia 01NPCWed, 13 JanNever0
Mongoose - Breath 0NPCWed, 13 JanNever0
Qitirith 0NPCWed, 13 JanNever0
Simon Vance 01NPC Salubri-antiNeverNever0
Tau Dark-Words (Adren) 0NPCWed, 13 JanNever0
Temperance 01NPCWed, 13 JanNever0
Top - Chrome Shadows (adept) 0NPCWed, 13 JanNever0
Top - Chrome Shadows (ware) 0NPCWed, 13 JanNever0
Vala Steelhocks 01NPCWed, 13 JanNever0